Minecraft does have a level system. Players can collect Experience Points (EXP) by performing certain tasks in-game such as killing mobs or mining. Those EXP farms in Minecraft will come in very handy for enchanting, repairing tools, name tags, and more.

Xp Farm Orbs
Here's how to easily get Experience Points in Minecraft

If you don't know what Experience Points look like, they are small yellow and green colored orbs. You can collect them just by standing near. In the early days of Minecraft, EXP did not have many uses, but now, they're a valuable resource, especially when you lose all of your EXP when you die.

Let's check out 5 easy Minecraft EXP farms to get you started in the game!

#5 - Spawner Farm

Building a spawner farm is one of the easiest ways to get  EXP farms in Minecraft. The greatest thing about this method is you don't have to do much. But you do need to find yourself a spawner first. Spawners are often found in Dungeons or Mineshafts, you'll notice them right away with the moss and cobblestone walls.

Spawner Farm
What your farm should look like!

Now, you need to build a 9x9x8 room, with the spawner at the center. Remember to place down torches on all sides to prevent mobs from spawning. Pour water on one side of the room floor to direct the mobs towards the killing chamber. Here they will drown and give you easy EXP and other resources.

#4 - Raid farm

Pillagers will start attacking the village if players with a bad omen effect get close to a villager. But you can make the most out of this situation by building a farm from it. This will give you EXP, emeralds, and other items from raiders. Rummage through a pillager outpost to get bad omen to get things going first.

Here's a super simple raid farm by YouTuber Mysticat. Sit back and relax as the farm do all the work for you!

#3 - Smelting

Smelting actually gives EXP in Minecraft, but only a few players try to take advantage of it to farm. However, with just a bit of work, you can exploit smelting for EXP super easily. But first, you will need to find yourself some bamboo and cactus, plus a furnace.

Xp Farm Smelting
Here's how you do it

Bamboo will turn the cactus into the green dye and give you EXP in the process. Create an automatic bamboo and cactus farm and direct both of them to a furnace.

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#2 - Zombie Trap Farm

Zombies will try to attack villagers, meaning you can make a simple trap using a villager to catch zombies at night. It will be super fun for you, but not so much for the zombies and the villager.

Xp Farm Zombies
Trap the zombies to their death

What you want to do is to trap the villager a few blocks above the surface. Then, use water to drown the zombies standing below.  Too bad this farm only works at night.

#1 - Classic Mob XP farm

Nothing beats the classic! The Tower Mob farm is one of the oldest mob farms in Minecraft. Players can farm tons of EXP and items from these contraptions. However, tower mob farms will take more effort.

The best locations for building tower farms are either high up in the sky or in the middle of the ocean. Creating a dark chamber for mobs to spawn then push them fall down a long tube. \

The loot you get from the tower farm will vary depending on the type of mobs. Ideally, you will have chests and chests full of armors, gunpowders, arrows, and more! That's how you exploit Minecraft.

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