The popular sandbox game Minecraft houses over 700 unique items. However, not all of them are of the same rarity. Some are harder to find in the game than others, and some are extremely rare to come by.

Rarest Items Minecraft
Some items are rarer to find than others

This happens due to the infrequency of the spawn rate, which has a percentage to happen for every item in Minecraft. On top of it, several other items can be considered rare due to the expensive nature of their crafting recipes.

Let's check out the top 5 rarest items in Minecraft

#5 Dragons' Breath

Dragons' Breath is an essential ingredient in brewing any lingering potion. What makes this item so rare in the game is how players can collect it. One must venture down to the End dimension to pick up Dragons' Breath with an empty glass bottle. Whenever an Ender Dragon comes swinging by for an attack, you can collect its lingering breath on the ground.

#4 Dragon Egg

While going around and about in the Minecraft world, we're certain that you have at least once come across a Dragon Egg. Yet, the fact that there is only one egg spawns in an entire world, makes it extremely rare. Especially when you look at the online Minecraft servers: hundreds of players, one Dragon Egg.

Rarest Items Minecraft Dragon Egg
Hatch egg with a torch

In order to obtain a Dragon Egg, you must go to the End dimension and trigger the egg to spawn by defeating the Ender Dragon.

#3 Large Fern

Large Fern
You don't see it very often

Having a large fern in its item state is not something you can do every day. The only way to obtain one is by doing a trade with a wandering villager.

#2 Pigstep Music Disc

Music discs are a rare commodity in Minecraft on their own terms, but the Pigstep one league above others of its kind. Among the 13 different music discs, the Pigstep has the lowest chance to spawn.

Rarest Items Minecraft Pigstep Music Disc
Ever wonder why it's called Pigstep?

The only way to get one is looting bastion remnants in the Nether realm. Each chest has a 5.6% chance to spawn a Pigstep disc only. To compare, other music discs have a 21.8% spawn chance, four times that of the Pigstep.

#1 Netherite Block

Rarest Items Minecraft Netherite Block
This block alone is extremely hard to get

Crafting 9 of those ingots and combine them together to make just one Netherite block. If you're playing in survival mode, getting your hands on tons of these blocks is nearly impossible.