Redstone is by far one of the most useful ores in Minecraft. It can not be used to craft items like swords and armors like metal ores, but affect your gameplay in other ways. Redstone is the key ingredient to various recipes and mechanisms in the game, which automate certain processes so that you don't have to do the hard work. Plus, it gives lots of EXP for you to level up faster. 

Redstone can be found 16 levels or below above the Bedrock, often in large amounts. One Redstone ore drops about 4-5 dust per block, stack up to 64 to form a single block in your inventory.

Mining Minecraft Redstone
There Are Other Ways To Get Redstone Besides Mining

Here are just a few recipes that use Redstone as an ingredient:

  • Redstone Torches
  • Redstone Repeaters
  • Observers
  • Dispenser/Droppers
  • Pistons
  • Powered/Detector Rails

From these items, players can build all kinds of contraptions in the game. From the automatic wheat farm, the EXP farm, to a symphony of notes and songs,... The sky is the limit. Today, we'll show you how easy it is to get your hands on Redstone! You will never be running out of it again.

How To Find Redstone In Minecraft?

#1 - Looting

Redstone is not a rare ore to come across in Minecraft, but it's still great to save your time and energy not digging for it. Instead, you can find Redstone in certain areas of the game.


If you happen to cross a Village with a Temple (the cobblestone structures as in the picture below), jump right in and loot. There is a 25% chance to find 1-4 Redstone dust in the chests inside the temples. That is not an impressive figure, but it will save you some time. Plus, if you're going on a Village expedition, it's always good to bring home extra loot.

Village Temples
Find The Village Temples With Cobblestone Look


If you can locate the Dungeons on your map, they will be a great source for looting Redstone. Dungeon chests have a 26.6% chance to hold 1-4 Redstone dust. You can easily come across Dungeons in caves or as you're mining. They're a lovely bonus bounty that you can pick up along the way. But do be careful! These Dungeons are the spawn locations of mobs. You can disable the spawning cage by putting a torch on it!

Dungeons In Minecraft
Dungeons In Minecraft


The Stronghold is another good spot to pick up some Redstone. Strongholds house tons of treasure chests that offer different chances of loot appearing depending on the area they're in.  For Alter's chests, there is a 12% chance to find 4-9 Redstone dust, and the figure is 18.6% for Storeroom chests. After visiting all the Alters in the Stronghold, there's a good chance you'll pack a stack of Redstone on the way out.


#2 Mining

Mining for Redstone is the good old classic method. Players can find it in abundance at level 16 or below above Bedrock. We recommend you go all the way to level 12 or lower for the best productivity. You can find both Redstone and Diamonds, as well as various other ores there.

Mining Minecraft
Go Out Mining For Redstone