Being one of the major modes in Minecraft, Creative Mode is the dreamland for every player who is keen on construction and building marvelous creations from millions of pixelated cubes. Since the beginning of Minecraft, there are many stunning and mind-blowing constructions made by players around the world. Today, let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding and mesmerizing creations that have ever been made in Minecraft.

Minecraft Best Builds

The Titanic

There are many versions of The Titanic in Minecraft but this version is no doubt the best one given the fact that it is so detailed and dedicatedly imitates the original version.

Imperial Summer Palace

Being inspired by some of the most infamous summer palaces in Europe like the St. Petersburg’s Hermitage and Schönbrunn Palace, Versailles, this creation is not only breathtaking from the outside but the interior designs will also leave you speechless.

Minecraft Summer Palace

Minas Tirith

Apart from bringing in-real-life constructions into the game, Minecraft players also take inspiration from surreal creations and Minas Tirith, the signature building in the fiction city Gondor from Lord Of The Ring is also a great one to take on.

Minecraft Minas Tirith


Take a look at just a part of the Creolucis’s Dwarven City of Consilium and check his entire video to see how enormous and overwhelming the construction is.


When it comes to Minecraft, there is no boundary for creativity that players can not only make buildings and construction but the entire kingdom from tiny cubes. The creation of Middle Earth in Minecraft is here to give you the inspiration to create one on your own in the game.

Minecraft Builds Middle Earth

New Port Notch

From ancient buildings to modern skyscrapers, Minecraft has it all. Here comes New Port Notch, one of the most popular creations in Minecraft.

Mine Craft New Port Notch


Being an enormous construction in Minecraft, it took years for the player to complete the work on Novigrad island. The area looks stunning from every angle and here is the full-time lapse video of how to build it from scratch to leave your jaw-dropping.

Minecraft Pyramid

When it comes to the best Minecraft Creations, the Pyramid is also one of the most viral ones which took the gaming community by storm. As no word can describe how intense and detailed it is, jump into the video below to see it with your own eye!

Minecraft x Cyberpunk 2077 - Nigh city

How about bringing Cyberpunk 2077 into Minecraft? The project showed how big Minecraft can be as it can include a large part of the cyberpunk 2077 map.

The Kingdom of Hamlyn

This is one of the new projects inspired by Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings realms. on a 700x700 medieval. The map is not only marvelous on the outside but so detailed insides.

Above are some of the most stunning Minecraft creations in the game. it's time for you to get started on making your own one. Find out for instructions on building your world in Minecraft on our wesbite