Being one of the most sought-after elements in Minecraft, diamond, however, is a rare material that is not easy to find. Check out some updated tips and tricks of how to find diamonds in Minecraft while putting less effort into the game.

Apart from Netherite, diamond is also an important element used to craft various items. Having a full-compact set of diamond armor and sword will make you become invincible in the game and bring a lot of advantages. Here are all possible methods to find diamonds in Minecraft you need to know.

Diamond in Minecraft

  • Location: available in diamond ore under layer 15, most intense in layers 5-12.
  • Required tools and materials: irone, netherite or diamond pickaxe
  • Supplies: a torch, woody, armor, and weapons

1. Branch mining

Being the most common and safest way to obtain diamonds, branch mining, however, requires a lot of tools and effort to mine. Apart from diamonds, players will also get plenty of other elements like gravel, diorite, cobblestones and granite when mining. Here is the amount of tools you need to prepare before starting the work to reach the required depth and get diamonds:

  • At least 10 pickaxes (types of pickaxes mentioned above
  • 1 bucket of water
  • 1 set of Iron armor and iron sword
  • 4 bunches of torches
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 crafting table
  • 1 shield
  • 1 furna
  • Quality foods

Check out how the process of mining diamonds in Minecraft as below:

2. Cave exploring (spelunking)

Apart from putting all of your resources on mining to find diamonds, exploring caves (also known as spelunking), is the method that adventurous players would like to go with. By saying ‘adventurous player’, brace yourself for some intensive fights as you will stand a chance of encountering monsters inside the caves.

The tip here is that diamond ore is likely to be found next to a lava pool. If you’re lucky to get some diamonds, remember to pour a bucket of water on the pool to quench the hot lava before obtaining diamonds.

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Minecraft Diamonds Mojang 1 500x500
Diamond ore can be found next to the lava pool inside the cave

3. With explosive

The fastest way to get diamonds in Minecraft is by using explosives. This method also stands a 100% chance of getting diamonds. However, to craft, a large amount of TNT also requires a lot of hard work. You will need to kill many creepers to obtain gunpowder.

4. Villager trading

As diamonds are not available for trading, you can only purchase diamond items from villagers. These items include a diamond sword, pickaxe, ax, hoar, armor, and shovel. They can be found in toolsmith villager, weaponsmith, and armorer villager.

Above are all you need to know about how to find diamonds in Minecraft. Visit our webiste to know more tips and tricks about Minecraft and other popular games.

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