With every major update, Minecraft devs make sure they add in at least a new structure for players to explore. After the 1.16 patch, there are now more than 20 unique structures and buildings that you can find across the Minecraft world.

Now, Minecraft players can interact with these structures in many ways. They can explore it, demolish it, or, loot it for items.

Minecraft Loot Bee
Here Are The Best Places To Loot In The Game

However, not every location houses a great amount of good quality loot. Sometimes, everything you get is just a couple of feathers. This is because the game actually generates the loot randomly, meaning you're not guaranteed to receive the same items every time.

So, if you're going on out on an adventure in Minecraft, check out our top 5 locations to find the best loot!

#5 - Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are relatively new structures in the game. They can be found underwater in the sea or on the shore, in the shape of a half or fully-wrecked ship.


What we're going after are the chests that spawn inside the shipwreck. They usually contain some random items such as TNT, gunpowder, gold, and iron.

If you're lucky, you'll find the treasure map inside the wreck as well. It will lead players to another loot location that comes up later on this list.

#4 - Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are very large structures that only spawn in the Nether. They're mazes of massive intersecting pathways full of chests and mobs.

The chests here are of high quality. On average, the loot from them is much better than what you find in other common structures. Precious items such as gold ingots, diamonds, and diamond horse armor are available.

Nether Fortresses
Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are a must-go for any Minecraft players who wish to beat the game. You need to farm up Blaze Powder by killing Blazes - the exclusive mob here. They will drop the item upon their death, use it to make Eye of Enders for the End Portal.

#3 - Strongholds

Strongholds are another great location for looting. These underground structures are filled with treasures and monsters. They also contain End Portal frames, through which players can travel to the End dimension.

Use The Eye To Locate The Strongholds

In the Strongholds, you should look for Altars. They spawn randomly within the compound, containing iron gear and sometimes enchanted books or diamonds.

Chests are also found here.

#2 - Mineshafts

Whenever you come across a Mineshaft in Minecraft, pay it a visit. Besides all the ores and coal you can mine up, there are also loot chests around. They contain all kinds of fancy items, including diamonds, gold, and even enchanted golden apples.


#1 - Treasure chests

Remember the treasure maps we talked about above, they will lead you right to the Treasure Chests. You have to the marked X on the map and dig downwards around it. To really see the exact location of the chest, hold your map with two hands!

Treasure Chests
Hunt Down The Treasure Chests

In the  Treasure Chests, players will find gold and iron ingots, diamonds also have a 50% chance to appear. These chests are also the only way to obtain a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft as of now.