Before any major updates, Minecraft fans are always thrilled to enjoy the latest Beta version of the game as all new features will be uploaded on the Beta version first hand. However, not every player knows how to get the latest version of Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0. here is the complete guide to downloading the Minecraft Beta version on Android and other devices.

Minecraft Beta Download Apk 0 14 0
Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0. is available to Android devices, Windows 10 PC, and Xbox One. Find out how to download the unreleased version of the game!

Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0 free: Things you need to know

Before getting the Beta version of the game, there are some important points all players need to keep in mind:

  • By downloading the Beta version of the game, it will replace your current version. You can only restore the official version after uninstalling the Beta version or get access to it from another device.
  • You cannot get access to realms or open worlds in the previous version of the game while playing the beta version. Please make copies of them before installing the beta one.
  • As being a work-in-process version and new features might have yet to be completed, Minecraft Beta download APK will be rougher and more unstable than the official versions of the game.
  • You can only connect to beta users by using the Minecraft beta version

Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0 For Android

The Minecraft Beta Download for android is available to all Android users (with Google Play support) and already purchased a copy of the game. It means that mobile device with iOS or Windows 10 cannot download the beta version of the game.

Once you save your worlds in the official versions, you can get started on the Beta one by following a few steps below:

  • Click the Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0
  • Tap on "Become a tester" button to sign up
  • Wait for the update of the latest beta version on your phone. The process might take a few hours depends on your internet connection and your phone performance.

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Minecraft beta download apk
How to register Minecraft beta download apk 0.14.0

How to leave Minecraft Beta Download APK Version

Once you're done with the Beta version and want to reinstall the previous version of the game, please follow the steps below to get your worlds back without paying for it twice.

  • Click on the same register link given below
  • Click on the "Leave the program" button
  • You will be directed to the Minecraft page on Google Play Store and are allowed to download the latest public version of the game without paying for it.
  • When the app is completely installed, launch the app and restores all worlds you opened in the Beta version as these two versions are incompatible with each other.
 Minecraft beta download apk
How to uninstall Minecraft beta download apk 0.14.0

Download Minecraft Beta version on Windows and Consoles

Apart from Andoird devices, Minecraft Beta download is also available to Windows 10 PC and Xbox console. Here is how to get it if you have either of the two devices.

  • Go to the app store from a PC or Xbox One
  • Find Xbox Insider Hub app and install the app to your device
  • After launching the app, go to Insider Content and find the Minecraft Beta app
  • Click Join to register as a beta tester and follow the instruction to install the game.

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About Minecraft Beta Version

Being one of the most popular sandbox games in the world, Minecraft offers players massive realms where people can collect materials and build their own worlds. Periodically, the game will launch updated versions with new features.

Of course, these versions have to go through the beta testing process and the beta version is made available to all players who sign up for the unreleased version.

In the latest Minecraft Beta version of the game, players can enjoy brand-new features like Stained Glass, Parrots, Armor stands, Book and Quill, and many other staggering features. There are also new game rules and star options that you can go and explore after updating your game with the beta version.

Above is all you need to know about how to get Minecraft Beta Download APK 0.14.0. free for Android and other devices and how to install/uninstall it. Stay tuned with our website for more interesting news about games and entertainment.

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