There are a lot of enchantments in Minecraft. Having a wide range of choices allows you to mix and match the enchantments to create different combinations according to your liking. However, to really exploit the real power of enchanting, you'll need to understand it. In our article today, we will show you what is Depth Strider in Minecraft, what this enchantment can do and how to get it.

Depth Strider Feature
Depth Strider increases your horizontal movement speed underwater.

What is Depth Strider in Minecraft?

To put it simply, Depth Strider is a boot enchantment that increases your horizontal movement speed underwater in Minecraft. This enchantment removes the movement speed down debuff when you're underwater.

In case you don't know, you're counted as standing underwater if your character's head is submerged. Unless you have necessary enchantments like Respiration, you will drown after 15 seconds. However, even when you can stay longer underwater, you need an enchantment to move faster. That's when Depth Strider comes into use.

Below is the detailed explanation of how Depth Strider works in Minecraft exactly.

What does Depth Strider do in Minecraft?

If you haven't noticed, you walk incredibly slower underwater than you do on land. It's the same thing in real life, due to water pressure and currents. But in Minecraft, you can negate this effect using Depth Strider.

For every level of this enchantment, it reduces the slowness caused by standing underwater by 33.33%. This also applies to the speed at which flowing water pushes the player when standing still. Interestingly, an armor stand carrying Depth Strider-enchanted armor also moves more slowly when being pushed by water.

Minecraft Trident Enchantments Repair
Planning on conquering the ocean, put on Depth Strider.

At level 3, the impact of water on your movement speed is completely gone. Your character can swim as fast as walking on land. If you use commands to raise the level of Depth Strider higher, it still won't have any further effect on speed. Also at level 3, a speed potion affects the player's swimming the same as walking.

If the player has the Dolphin's Grace status effect, both bonuses will combine. That means you get a ton of movement speed buff underwater. Please note that Depth Strider only affects horizontal movement speed underwater. Vertical movement speed is not affected.

As depth strider increases your movement speed underwater, it can be incredibly useful for when playing underwater parkour maps, some of which can be found on parkour Minecraft servers.

How to use Depth Strider in Minecraft?

Normally, Depth Strider is an enchantment for boots. However, players can break this rule using commands. In that case, the enchantment will still work if applied to other types of armor (such as a chest plate). In Java Edition, Depth Strider works with horse armor in Creative mode.

To use this enchantment, players must wear the armor piece enchanted with Depth Strider. You can add the Depth Strider enchantment using an Enchanting Table, anvil (for Enchanted books), or game command: /enchant @p depth_strider 1.

Minecraft Enchanting
You can use the simply Enchanting Table and roll until you get it.

Is Depth Strider 3 faster than a boat?

No, Depth Strider 3 is not faster than a boat. In fact, a player wearing Depth Strider III boots could move as fast as a boat.

At level 3, this enchantment only allows you to move underwater as fast as you do on land, not faster. If you take some speed potions, plus the Dolphin's Grace status effect, then you may be able to catch up with a boat at full speed.

How to get Minecraft Depth Strider max level

Obviously, we're talking about how to get your hands on a Depth Strider III enchanted book here. There are a few ways that you can get this item in Minecraft:

  • Fishing
  • Looting
  • Combining 2 Depth Strider II enchanted books
  • Trading with a Librarian. You can trade with villagers and roll until you get the book you want.

Once you acquired the enchanted book, you can apply it to your boots using an anvil. It will cost you some experience points.

Depth Strider vs Frost Walker: Which is better?

Depth Strider and Frost Walker are mutually exclusive boot enchantments in Minecraft. This means you can only apply one of these to your boots (without using commands).

Unlike Respiration and Aqua Affinity, you cannot apply both of these enchantments in Minecraft. That's why some players find the need to weigh these two options to see which is actually better to use.

Depth Strider Vs Frost Walker
Depth Strider or Frost Walker: Which one should you use to enchant your boots?

So, a little information about the Frost Walker enchantment. It's an enchantment to boots that creates frosted ice blocks when you walk on water. It also negates the damage from certain blocks such as campfires and magma blocks when you step on them.

We're dealing with two completely different scenarios here. Therefore, the decision of which is better between Depth Strider and Frost Walker depends on the situation.

If you're planning on doing a lot of swimming, go for Depth Strider. In other cases, go for the Frost Walker. It allows you to cross lakes, even the ocean, without any boats.

Terracotta Minecraft Steve
Pick your enchantment according to what you want to do.

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