Minecraft texture packs are mods that players can use to modify the appearance of game objects. Not just amateur gamers, even famous streamers like Technoblade uses Minecraft texture packs for their effectiveness.

Amongst them, weapons and armors texture packs are the most popular, as they are what players use the most while playing. These packs completely change how weapons and armors look, making the game more exciting. In this article, we are going to list out the best Minecraft weapons and armors texture packs.

Modding swords in Minecraft can be a lot of fun.

Players can download these weapon and armor texture packs for free from various websites like Curseforge. Just browse for the name of the mod and add "download" before it. You can also install general texture packs to improve the game on top of these swords and armors packs.

1 - Kal's Arms & Armor

Kal's Arms & Armor pack is a fresh take on the traditional Minecraft textures. Drawing inspiration from other dark fantasy worlds, this pack provides textures with more detail and will look great in your medieval worlds while still being recognizable.

Furthermore, Kal's Arms & Armor also includes damaged item textures, something other mods do not have. There are also light and heavy variants for all armor types, which players can toggle by renaming using an anvil.

Kal's Arms & Armor
Kal's Arms & Armor is one of the best Minecraft weapons and armors texture packs.

2 - Ancient and Decked: Gilded Netherite

Netherite items are popular with modders, as they are the highest tier items in the game... and most end-game Minecraft players use them. This Gilded Netherite mod adds gold lining and decoration to the tools. The basic shapes of the tools are also improved so that they can stand out more - while still looking "vanilla".

Overall, this is one of the best netherite mods as the add-ons feel natural and noticeable without being intrusive. It blended pretty well with the basic, ancient style of Netherite. This pack also has a version for Minecraft weapons and armor texture pack bedrock as well.

3 - Enchanted Swords texture pack

This is one of the most lore-friendly packs for Minecraft weapons. The Enchanted Swords texture pack adds additional effects to your item based on the enchantment they have. For example, if you have Fire Aspect, your sword will emit fire from its blade.

In case of multiple sword enchantments, the various effects will be combined with each other, creating a brand new special effect.

Enchanted Swords Resource Pack
Enchanted Swords texture pack is just an improvement to the vanilla version, based on lore.

4 - Zori's 3D weapons texture pack

Zori's 3D weapons texture pack is a Minecraft weapons plus resource pack. It adds new models for all craftable swords in Minecraft. Every weapon is fully modeled in 3D, for added depth, detail, and realism. Additionally, some models like the diamond sword are even animated.

Overall, the animations match really well with the visual style of Minecraft, especially when they are used in combat.

5 - Rex's Pack: Futuristic armor, tools and weapons

Rex's pack is one of the biggest texture packs for Minecraft. It is a massive futuristic themed weapon pack that includes 500 custom textures, over 30 animated items, and blocks, all in 32x32 textures. Furthermore, the pack also has a custom font, title screen, and exp bar.

This pack is in development and is constantly updated. Currently, the author has only focused on weapons, tools, armor, and items.

Rex Resource Pack
Rex's Pack is one of a kind, amongst the best Minecraft weapons and armors texture packs.

6 - Thalyrus Medieval Warfare texture pack

Inspired by popular games like Age Of Empires, Chivalry and Medieval Total War, Thalyrus is a texture pack that changes all weapons in the game into Medieval theme. All textures are x32 quality. Furthermore, it also improves the sound that those weapons made in combat. Players can also use Optifine to enable custom items.

7 - Armor-

Armor- or armorless is a texture pack that alters the textures of armor to be less obstructive, allowing for better skin visibility, while still appearing like armor. This pack also modifies pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns. Overall, this pack is perfect if you want the armor to cover less of your character.

8 - Reimagined

Reimagined is a pack that "correct" the vanilla experience of Minecraft and improve it into something better. In general, the mod fixes dozens of inconsistencies in Minecraft, like forgotten textures that never got updated to textures that use completely different colormaps/color palettes when they are the same material.

Reimagined Mod covers both Minecraft weapons and armors texture packs.

Besides textures, Reimagined also adds fluid animations to a lot of actions in-game such as using a bucket or furnace. Furthermore, it also randomizes mobs and textures to create a more immersive experience. Some mobs have literally hundreds of variants, with different stone shading.

9 - Totemic Items

This is a special texture pack that changes all netherite-based items to match the style of the Totem of Undying. In addition to changing the textures, some in-game sounds and item names have also been changed to match the new look.

10 - 3D Swords CIT

The 3D Swords CIT 1.16 pack is the best Minecraft weapons and armor texture pack MCPE. It adds 22 new weapon models/textures. They all look really good and match Minecraft's graphical style. The best part is that you can apply this mod to any axe or sword by renaming.

This is the end of our guide for Minecraft weapons and armors texture packs. Interested in more of our articles related to Minecraft? Please check this post to find out Top 5 Best Looking Minecraft Shaders For High End PCs.