Ender pearls are a rare item in Minecraft and it works as a crafting material for Ender’s eyes. In order to win the game, players have to get some ender pearls to make some eyes of ender.

From the best way to get Ender pearls before the end to how to get ender pearls without killing endermen, players will be able to learn some of the most effective way to obtain the materials they want.

Check out how to get Ender pearls fast in Minecraft as well as some facts about them that you might have not known below.

Ender Pearl Minecraft
Here's how you can earn Ender pearl without having to spend too much effort.

How to get Ender pearls fast in Minecraft

Rare ender pearls in Minecraft can be obtained in three ways: defeating Enderman mobs, bartering with piglins, and trading with cleric villagers of expert level.

1. How to get Ender pearls from killing Enderman

Anyone who plays on a version that was released earlier than 1.9 needs to get ender pearls in Minecraft this old-fashioned way. You can find Endermen at night or in Minecraft's Overworld areas that have a light level of 7 or less.

In case you have trouble searching for one, it is also recommended to summon an Enderman by using a spawn egg or using a cheat.

how to get Ender pearls fast
The best way to get ender pearls before the End is to find an Enderman in the overworld.

However, defeating Endermen is not very easy as they are among the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft after the 1.17 update. To kill Endermen, it's important to attack their legs so they can't teleport. Do not aim at them with a bow and arrow as they can teleport before your weapon can touch them.

Moreover, try to find a solid spot where you can lean your back against. This strategy will prevent the Endermen from teleporting behind and catching you by surprise.

A fun fact is Endermen are the only mob that can be spawned on every three dimensions of the game. Those who have reached the End can frequently find them on End islands and the platform of the Ender Dragon boss.

Enderman Ender Pearl
Kill endermen to get the pearl.

Although this might be the most common way when it comes to obtaining ender pearls, many players just want to get ender pearls without killing Endermen. For this purpose, there are actually others ways to take on.

2. How to get Ender pearls from piglins

The quickest method of how to get Ender pearls Minecraft without killing Endermen is to barter with piglins. They are mobs that inhabit across diverse biomes of the Nether. Unless you wear at least golden armor, they will be hostile towards you on sight.

However, the piglins will be incredibly useful if you know how to strike at their love for gold for your own purposes. When it sees on gold ingot put on the ground by a player, it will pursue it right away.

After inspecting it for a while, it will spit one of 18 different items out. And an ender pearl is one of those that piglins may give in exchange for the gold.

how to get ender pearls from piglins
Though ender pearls’ chance to be collected is fairly low, trading gold with piglins is the fastest way to get several by far.

This method is also a go-to if you are looking for how to get ender pearls in the Nether.

3. How to get ender pearls from villagers

Another way of how to get Ender pearls fast Minecraft is trading with expert cleric villagers. This method is likely preferred by players who play an older edition between 1.9 and 1.15.

For the unknown, these villagers can sell an ender pearl for 5 emeralds. This village trading is quite fast as you can farm other items in big quantities which can be sold to get emeralds such as wood logs.

You can also refer to guidelines on how to trade with villagers in Minecraft to get maximum discount from them.

Trading With Cleric Villagers Of Expert Level
How to get ender pearls from villagers: spend 5 emeralds to exchange for an Ender pearl.

Facts about Ender pearls in Minecraft

Apart from how to get ender pearls in the nether as well as the overworld, there are some facts about the item that you may not have been aware of.

  • Ender Pearl can hurt you at some points. A player without armor will suffer five points of damage from Ender Pearls.
  • When Ender Pearls are thrown while dashing at the launch angle of 35 degrees, they have the highest horizontal range of 54 blocks. The vertical range maximum is 30 blocks (45 in B.E.).
  • As Ender Pearls are rare, most users do not know that they might summon an unwanted guest as they throw one. Whenever a player tosses an Ender Pearl, there is a 5% of Endermites to spawn.

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