Minecraft cats are one of the cutest mobs whose variants fans always want to collect as many as possible. In the previous version of the game, we had to tame an ocelot in the jungle to get a normal cat. However, things have changed after the devs made ocelots their own tamable animals.

If you want to have all Minecraft cats, you have come to the right article.

All Cats In Minecraft
Here's a guide to getting all Minecraft cats!

All 11 cats in Minecraft

Cats share the same model as ocelots but are actually smaller. Currently, there are 11 cats in Minecraft in total.

Below are all Minecraft cat colors and their names in the game:

  1. Black (black with orange eyes)
  2. British Shorthair (silver with yellow eyes)
  3. Calico (white, dark brown and orange with blue and yellow eyes)
  4. Jellie (gray and white with gray-green eyes)
  5. Persian (creamy with blue eyes and flat faces)
  6.  Ragdoll (white and soft amber with blue eyes)
  7. Red (orange and white with green eyes)
  8. Siamese (white and pale brown with blue eyes)
  9. Tabby (brown and white with yellow eyes)
  10. Tuxedo (black and white with green eyes)
  11. White (white with light blue and yellow eyes)

Siamese cats are the rarest cat in Minecraft. The most common cat in Minecraft can be any of the other breeds including tabby, tuxedo, calico...

Siamese Cat Minecraft
Among all Minecraft cat colors, Siamese is the rarest breed.

In Bedrock Edition, half of all Minecraft cats spawning during a full moon will be Black.

The passive mob comes in different fur and eye colors, making it irresistible for players to not want at least one. You can get all of them if you follow our instructions below.

How to get all cats in Minecraft

To get all Minecraft cats, you have to find them, know how to tame cat Minecraft, then breed them.

1. Find cats in villages

Stray cats can be found in villages or swamp huts. Witch huts can have some black cats also.

Head to villages with at least one villager and four beds and roam around to find your cats. There is a maximum of ten cats per village.

Cats Minecraft
You can find cats in villages or swamp huts.

Minecraft will check whether there are any stray cats in these villages and attempt to spawn once they meet the spawn conditions.

2. Tame Minecraft cats

In case the cat has already been tamed, you can just put a leash on it and bring it to your base.

Meanwhile, to tame a stray cat, hold a raw fish like salmon or cod and remain as still as possible until the cat comes close to you. Don’t forget that cats will not eat tropical fish. Feed it until hearts show up above its head and it has a collar.

Feed Cat With Raw Fish
How to tame cat Minecraft? Feed it until red hearts appear.

3. Breed cats in Minecraft

To breed Minecraft cats, feed two tamed cats a raw fish. After a few seconds, a kitten will spawn with color patterns similar to its parents.

That’s why in order to have all kinds of cats, you need to go to as many villages as possible and breed all of them for duplicates.

Note: The colors of the tamed cats’ collars can be changed with dye and flowers.

What do cats do in Minecraft?

The similarities of all Minecraft cats are they do not take fall damage and they can see you even if you have the Invisibility status effect. Moreover, cats can scare phantoms and creepers away. They hiss at phantoms that are chasing a player.

This means cats don’t just look cute but can even help you survive. Meanwhile, stray and tamed cats may act differently in some cases.

1. Stray cat

An untamed cat is naturally a naturally spawned one. Unlike stray wolves, stray cats may naturally despawn. They chase after and attack rabbits, baby turtles, and chickens at a distance of up to 15 blocks.

Although stray cats spawn in villages, they usually explore instead of remaining there.

All Minecraft Cats
You can leash stray cats.

They will run away from players, so they need to be appealed with a raw salmon or cod within 10 blocks. If you move, turn your head too fast, or stop holding the fish within 6 blocks, the cat sprints away and won’t approach you for a few seconds.

2. Tamed cat

They won’t remain at one place for long and will explore around you unless you command them to sit.

A cat usually attempts to sit on chests, bed foot, or active furnaces. Once sitting on top, it often assumes a sitting posture without a command from players. And like other mobs, cats usually enter boats close by, trapping themselves.

Cat Lying On The Bed
After sleeping on the same bed with you, there's a 70% chance the cat will bring you gifts.

Tamed cats can sleep on the bed with you and occasionally bring you gifts in the morning. The loot can vary from rabbit feet, rabbit hides, feathers, rotten flesh, raw chicken, to phantom membranes.

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