Rabbits are one of the passive animals in Minecraft that will never attack players. It’s been 7 years since they joined the game and they still remain among the top sought-after mobs. In our guide, you will be provided with information from how to breed rabbits in Minecraft to where they spawn and how you can tame them.

How to tame rabbits in Minecraft

Different from other passive mobs in the game, Rabbits cannot be tamed. However, it does not mean players can’t own some as they can transport the rabbit to their base with a lead. They may also make use of carrots to lure them though they may occasionally lose interest and get away.

Tame A Rabbit
Players cannot tame rabbits but can lure some with carrots.

How to breed rabbits in Minecraft

You can easily breed Minecraft rabbits using Golden Carrots, Carrots, or Dandelions. Just have two of the animals nearby, then use one of the mentioned items on each of them. A bunny will then be born.

A baby rabbit will mostly inherit its parent's fur type with each parent holding a 47.5% rate. This leaves a 5 percent chance for the offspring to have the fur of the biome in which it was born.

Rabbit Minecraft
How to breed rabbits in Minecraft? Just use their favorite food on them and you'll be good.

It takes 20 real-life minutes for a baby rabbit to be a mature one. Players can feed it carrots so the growth time will enhance by 10% per feeding time.

About rabbits in Minecraft

1. Where do rabbits spawn in Minecraft?

Rabbits spawn in specific biomes in the game: flower forests, deserts, tundras, and taigas. The biome where they spawn will decide the color and texture of the rabbits.

Creamy rabbits are the most common ones and rare tones can be discovered in flower forests. Moreover, rabbits in Minecraft usually generate in groups of three: two kits and one adult.

Minecratf Rabbits
There are 6 colors for Minecraft rabbits.

Rabbits are hunted down by foxes and wolves. Meanwhile, there is another kind of exclusive rabbit to the Java Edition called the killer rabbit. You can only spawn it via commands.

2. Rabbit drops

Minecraft rabbits drop small amounts of experience like any other mobs in the game.

Moreover, they also drop Rabbit Hide which can be crafted into Leather. If you are lucky enough, you may also get a Rabbit foot which is a very rare drop. It is used as a material for Potions.

Villagers will buy Rabbit Hide for Emeralds and Rabbit’s Foot as one of their trades.

They are extremely useful.

Also, a Cooked rabbit is part of the rabbit stew which can heal five full hunger bars. This will restore more hunger than all other foods in Minecraft.

3. Behaviors

Rabbits usually wander aimlessly. It is quite challenging to hunt rabbits down as they are small and quick.

They hop from this to that block and flee from you if you approach them. The distance can only be narrowed when you hold carrots, golden carrots, or dandelions in your hand.

They would also run from hostile mobs. Every ghast or non-slime enemy can make the rabbit wildly flee although none of them will hunt the rabbits on their own.

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