Before shields arrive in Minecraft, the game's combat system was fairly straightforward. You dashed into the battle with a sword in hand, then spammed your attack button repeatedly. It was pretty one-dimensional. But Mojang updated combating, adding new mechanics, and shields in Minecraft. By default, shields in the game resemble tower shields, with the ability to block incoming attacks.

Minecraft Shields
You can customize a shield, do you know that?

But do they worth crafting? Here's what you need to know about shields in Minecraft!

How to make a Shield in Minecraft?

Shields are the basic defensive tools that you can craft fairly early in the game. The hardest material to find in the recipe is iron, which you will have access to after a little mining. To craft one shield, you need six wood planks of any kind and one iron ingot. Place them in the order as shown in picture below.

Shield Recipe
Easy recipe to make a shield in Minecraft.

How to use Shields in Minecraft?

Players can equip a shield as a second-hand item to wield in Minecraft. You will find the slot for it to the left of the crafting area. Putting a shield here will place it on your character's left hand. This way, you can use tools and weapons while holding a shield.

Diamond Reinforced Shield
There are also different shield mods you can try.

Hold the Interaction button to raise the shield. You CANNOT attack while raising a shield. So, use it to block incoming attacks, then quickly respawn with one of your own. You can also use shields to close up on long-ranged mobs, like skeletons or pillagers by blocking their arrows.

You will take less damage if you raise a shield before the creepers blow up. You will still take damage, but it has been reduced.

Should you make Shields?

​100% yes! For such cheap crafting prices, shields give you so much defensive ability. They're too good to skip in this game. You will find an awful lot of uses for this tool.

In fact, shields can't beat mobs but many mobs in the game are challenging to defeat without a shield to protect you. On top of that, you can enchant shields in Minecraft to further their power.

Spartan Shields Mod
Check out the Spartan Shields Mod!

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