Right after you log onto a new Minecraft world, the first things you may see are trees and leaves. Everyone knows trees are for collecting wood, but what about leaves in Minecraft? What are they good for? How do you prise them off the trees? Here's everything you need to know about these lush blocks.

1. Types of Leaves in Minecraft

Minecraft has a wide array of trees available. And with each type of tree, there's a corresponding type of leaves. For example, oak leaves have the most basic color - lush green. Dark oak leaves are darker.

Jungle leaves are full of vines. So on and so forth. There are countless types of leaves in Minecraft which follow different dropping patterns.

Leaves Minecraft Oak Dark Oak
Oak and Dark Oak leaves in Minecraft

2. Minecraft Leaves Mechanics

Leaves in Minecraft drop as blocks when players break them with shears. Otherwise, they will drop the following items:

  • All leaves: 1-2 sticks (2% chance at base)
  • Oak and Dark Oak Leaves: 1 Apple (0.5% chance at base)
  • All leaves: 1 Sapling (5% chance at base)
Leaves Minecraft Decay
Leaves will naturally decay over time.

All leaves in Minecraft have to be connected to a tree. Otherwise, they will start to decay. However, leaves that are sheared and placed will not decay.

Here are a few other things to note about leaves in Minecraft:

  • All leaves are transparent, except when the graphics mode is set to "fast".
  • Flowering azalea leaves can be pollinated by bees.
  • Oak and Birch trees (grown from saplings) will have a 5% chance to spawn a beehive when grown next to a flower.
Jicklus Birch Shader
Shaders make leaves look extra beautiful.

3. How to obtain Leaves in Minecraft

Normally, not many players care about leaves when they're chopping down trees. If you just break the woodblocks, no leaves will come out. Leaves only drop as blocks when you cut them with a shear, the same tool you use to take wools off sheep.

Leaves Minecraft Breaking
Cut leaves with a shear, not an ax.

These leaves blocks once sheared, will behave like a block. They won't decay over time, and you can place them around. Just remember to use the shear should you want to move them to someplace else.

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