After the Profession update, villagers now actually have different jobs to do in Minecraft. Once their professions are unlocked, the villagers will sell unique items or offer a better price for what they sell. And with the previous 1.14 version, the game added something called the Fletching Table. Let's find out its usage and how to craft a Fletching Table in Minecraft.

Fletching Table Minecraft
A fletching table in Minecraft can be found in nature or crafted with simple recipe.

Fletching Table in Minecraft

A Fletching Table is a job block that turns a villager into a Fletcher. This block generates naturally in villages and can also be crafted. For your information, a Fletcher sells bows, arrows, and crossbows. At the Expert level, they will also sell super strong enchanted arrows.

So far, this is the sole purpose of the Fletching Table in Minecraft. You cannot open an interactive menu like with the Crafting Table or the Cartography Table. Maybe its true usage will be revealed in the future?

How to make a Fletching Table

If you travel to a village but there isn't one Fletching Table, you can always craft one. The ingredients required to make Feltching Table are easy to gather, including Flints and wood planks. Flints will drop from mining blocks of gravel, which we highly recommend you do as soon as possible. Wood planks are the most basic material, so we won't get to that.

You can turn a villager into a Fletcher with the Fletching Table in Minecraft.

Once you have collected all the materials needed, combine them in the Crafting Table following the recipe below:

Fletching Table Recipe
Fletching Table recipe

A Fletcher is an optional profession to have in Minecraft. Though bows and crossbows are indeed helpful, you will mostly rely on close-combat weapons most of the time. On top of that, enchanted arrows are fairly easy to craft. It may take many trials before you can actually get the arrows you need from gacha-ing with the Fletcher.

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