Campfire isn't a hard item to make in Minecraft. The ingredients you need to craft a campfire include coal, stick, and wood. All of these materials are easy to get, making the campfire super economical. However, there's more to the campfire than just merely a light source. Here are some ideas for using a campfire in Minecraft that will blow your mind!

Campfire Minecraft Feature
Use the campfire creatively!

We will list the uses from basic to advanced. So, be sure to read until the end!

#1 Source of Light

Campfires are reliable light sources in Minecraft. It can be left to burn permanently or turn on/off a Campfire using Flint and Steel or water. Campfire will emit a light source of 15, better than torches and equals to lanterns.

Campfire Minecraft Light
This is as basic as it gets!

Trivia: Rain does not extinguish Campfires.

#2 Cooking

You can place food items on the sides of the campfire in Minecraft to cook them. Food takes approximately 30 seconds to cook completely, which is longer than a Furnace or Smoker. However, it's more convenient. You don't have to carry a furnace around and the campfire doesn't require fuel.

Campfire Minecraft Cook
Bring a campfire to cook food on the go.

#3 Smoke Signals

Besides heat, the campfire also emits small flame particles and smoke that go up to the sky above. You can greatly extend the height of the smoke column by placing a Hay Bale on top of it to create a make-shift Signal Fire.

Campfire Minecraft Smoke
The smoke column is really to miss from afar.

#4 Trap 

Campfires will deal damage to any mobs or players standing on top of it. They inflict 1 health damage per tick and also apply the burning effect for 8 seconds. If you swap in the Soul Campfire, it will deal twice the damage. Shulkers, Zombified Piglins, and Guardians will not take damage from the campfire.

#5 Harvest Bee and Honey

Just like in real life, you can harvest the bees in Minecraft by placing a Campfire under a Bee Nest or a Bee Hive. It's a great way to safely harvest honey or honeycombs without getting stung.

Campfire Minecraft Bees
Bees are afraid of smoke.

#6 Keep Piglins At Bay

Piglins are scared of Soul Campfires and won't attack players standing near them. Use it to your benefit to keep those annoying mobs away.

#7 Building

It's time to let creativity kick in. The campfire in Minecraft has a rather fascinating structure that can be incorporated into many designs. You can place campfires on top of fences to make a crossed roof. Just remember to extinguish the fire so it won't burn your home down.

Campfire Minecraft Roof
Let your imagination run wild!

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