The recent big Minecraft update led ways for tons of bees into the game and fans are certainly curious. They are part of the available mobs and are quite passive if you are careful with them. How to harvest bees in Minecraft and where can you find them? This article will be your guide.

Bees In Minecraft
Where the bees at? Here are the locations for bee hunting and how to harvest them.

Where to find Minecraft bees

Like bees in real life, those in Minecraft only attack when triggered. After aiming at the players, they will lose the stinger and lose its life shortly after. Meanwhile, there are benefits for those seeking to harvest bees and their honey.

For starters, players can find Minecraft bees in sunny biomes close to a bunch of flowers. Spots like flower forest plains and sunflower plains are the best places to come across them.

Minecraft Bees
The Minecraft bees look absolutely adorable but you need to be careful if you want them to be passive towards you.

Also, bees in Minecraft can be found in hives which are attached to trees. Players can move the beehives to new locations and battle to harvest their honeycomb. Moreover, they can even directly get their honey or train them like other animals in Minecraft.

After finding them, players will want to harvest them for other purposes. Here’s how.

How to harvest bees in Minecraft

Once you manage to locate the beehive, you can start harvesting them with various options, including flowers, campfire or honeycomb.

  • Flowers: You can make use of a flower to lure bees out of the hive. Then, you can move them to a new spot or use a leash to lead them out. It’s worth remembering that they will not go too far when you use the flowers.
  • Campfire: Put a campfire under their hive and the bees will be set to calm mode. It lets players approach closer and be able to use empty bottles to harvest the honey.
  • Honeycombs: When the nest of the bee is on a heftier level, you may use sheers to harvest honeycombs. Moreover, you can combine this with planks if you want to make your own beehives. This is recommended when it comes to moving bees to a new home.
You can use sheers to harvest bees from the beehives.

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Minecraft keeps on adding new content that can entertain players. It is still among the best-selling game titles and has no sign of losing its niche.

After they added horses, we felt a sense that a whole new content dimension was up for grabs. With the endless potential mods from the fan community, Minecraft will have a slew of content for years.

Players better be prepared for all the possible mobs that will venture into the game sooner or later.

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