With their ability to be made into golden apples, the best food items in Minecraft, apples are one of the items that are badly wanted by players. In fact, apples are an uncommon Minecraft item because there aren’t many sources to provide them. Despite this, gamers can still quickly garner a massive number of apples by carrying out one or all of these techniques.

Check out the best ways to get apples in Minecraft which will enable you to stack a huge golden apple collection later.

Apples In Minecraft
Here's how you can collect lots of apples in Minecraft, hence make the best use of them.

 1. Trade with farmer villagers

For those who haven’t known, it is a high chance that a farmer villager owns four apples up for trade.

In detail, tyro-level farmers in the Java Edition have a chance of 6% while those in Bedrock Edition’s chance is 50%. As the trade is solely for an emerald, it is extremely efficient and cheap. However, the trade is only available for 16 transactions. Until the 17th time, players have to wait until the villager works on the job block.

Trade With Villagers
Trading with villagers is one of the best ways to get apples in Minecraft.

For its availability and cheapness, this technique remains the top out of the best ways to get apples in Minecraft by far.

2. Steal from the villagers

Another technique to consider is to get some apples from the houses of the villagers, although it is without consent.

A plain biome village house possesses a 74.2% rate to have 1-5 apples in one of the chests. The way to make the most advantage of this is for players to go house-to-house looking for apples.

Sad Villager
A sad villager when his things get stolen, but we are short of apples too, so sorry not sorry.

Meanwhile, in a big village, there is a higher chance to acquire a decent number of apples. To make the most of this method, players had better discover and steal from numerous villages.

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3. Break leaves with fortune enchantment

There is a tiny chance that broken leaves will drop an apple. Using a fortune enchanted tool to break leaves will increase this tiny little chance into something a bit bigger.

Apples Falling From Trees
A sight of some apples in Minecraft falling from the trees.

Hoes are the most recommended tool to acquire apples because they do not drop exclusive leaves as shears do. One with fortune enchantment will be even better as it increases the dropping chance of apples.

Although the odds remain pretty low, players will be able to collect an extensive set of apples over time.

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