Any player who has defeated Minecraft's final boss has surely seen an End Crystal before even though they might not have known of its name. To be able to defeat the Ender Dragon, you must destroy these crystals and there is no way to mine them.

Instead, if you want to get your own crystal for any reason, you need to create them and the recipe is surely not seamless. Here’s how to craft End Crystals in Minecraft!

How To Craft End Crystals In Minecraft
How can we make our own End Crystals?

About End Crystals

End Crystals are the floating cubes you can find on top of massive Obsidian pillars at the End which regain the health of Ender Dragon.

As these crystals are extremely volatile, Minecraft players may want to be careful as they use them for decoration purposes. Any damage cause, even a single punch or a snowball, can make the End Crystal explode with a force similar to that of a Charged Creeper. It can be devastating to your health bar and also the structures within the close area.

How To Craft End Crystals In Minecraft 2
Players normally find End Crystals atop Obsidian pillars.

How to craft End Crystals in Minecraft

In order to make an End Crystal, you need:

  • Seven glass
  • A Ghast Tear
  • An Eye of Ender

While you can make glass by smelting some sand in the blast furnace, the Ghast Tear can be garnered when you defeat Ghasts in the Nether.

How To Craft End Crystals In Minecraft 3
How to craft End Crystals in Minecraft recipe

Last but not least, Eyes of Ender must be something players are already familiar with if they have arrived at the End. In case you have not known, you can craft it by mixing some Blaze Powder and an Ender Pearl. Some will notice that the crafting recipes for End Crystals need items from two dimensions, so they may need to dimension hop a bit to obtain them.

How to use End Crystals

Once you have managed to craft an End Crystal in Minecraft, you can use it for two main purposes: decoration and mining.


While the first one is for decoration, it can be a little risky as mentioned before. Alternatively, you can make four of them and put them on the End Portal. It will eventually respawn the Ender Dragon.

Although the four crystals will be broken, all of the End Crystals on the top of the obsidian pillars, letting the player battle with the boss once more.

Decorate End Crystals In Minecraft
Using them for decorating might be quite gnarly.


Theoretically, one can use End Crystals for mining. However, it is not really recommended. As a matter of fact, the blast is way stronger than TNT’s, which means you can find it harder to make controlled explosions.

It is risky as End Crystals may take little effort to kill players in unenchanted Netherite Armor if they get too close. Besides, the resources called for crafting each crystal are more intensive than TNT. That’s why we’d better stick to the other uses that are more practical and safe.

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