Enchanted Golden Apples are among the rarest Minecraft items and in spite of their efficacy, not many players are aware of what they may do. Considering how infrequent they are, it seems that players are hesitant to devour an Enchanted Golden Apple which means its effects are never naturally revealed.

Despite all this, this food item can be extremely useful under specific circumstances. Gamers who wonder how to get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft, as well as their use, do not have to look any further as our article will puzzle them all.

Enchanted Golden Apples In Minecraft
How can you get an Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft?

How to get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft

It is worth noting that Enchanted Golden Apple and the Golden Apple players can make are two separate things. How to get Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft?

Well, they cannot be crafted. Instead, you can only find Enchanted Golden Apples in chests.

You may check out any chest found in Mineshafts, Dungeons, Ruined Portals, Woodland Mansions, and Desert Temples. In the Java edition, they can also be discovered in Bastion Remnants.

Enchanted Golden Apples In Minecraft Chest
Find it in chests around Minecraft.

In all of the above cases, it can just spawn in stacks of one. The rate for one to spawn is no further than 3 percent.

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What do Enchanted Golden Apples Do?

Enchanted Golden Apples’ main purpose is playing the role of a food source. When gamers eat it, you will obtain four Hunger as well as a slew of various buffs:

  • Regeneration 5 (2 for the Java Edition)
  • Absorption health
  • Fire Resistance 1
  • Resistance 1

Moreover, it will heal you over time, make you immune to lava and fire for five minutes, and gifts a 20% damage defiance for 5 minutes.

Enchanted Golden Apples In Minecraft 3
It can help players a lot in the game.

Apart from making you a force to face up to in combat, this will also protect you from being hurt by hazards in the Nether.

For gamers in a virtual Minecraft server, Enchanted Golden Apples are useful to have during PvP. Even when somebody gets an advantage over you, taking a moment to eat an Enchanted Golden Apple can turn the whole table. With regeneration, bonus hit points, damage decrease, other gamers will have a hard time hitting at you.

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