In fact, diamond ore is among the oldest Minecraft blocks. It’s been there in the game ever since the Java indev version. You can mine diamond ores using an iron or an above-level pickaxe. You can even obtain four diamonds from ore with the use of a fortune III pickaxe.

Players will need diamonds for various purposes in the game such as making jukeboxes, enchanting tables, armor, tools, and more. Diamond weapons, tools, and armor also have higher durability than usual and can be upgraded to netherite versions.

If you wonder how you can find more of these ores in the game, here’s how to get diamonds easily in Minecraft.

Easy Ways To Find Dianonds In Minecraft
Check out the easy ways to find diamonds in Minecraft.

How to get Diamonds easily in Minecraft

Every ore in Minecraft is spawned between height levels. Prior to beginning a diamond mining session, you should know where they will generate.

Veins of diamond ore usually generate between the 0-16 height levels. Previously, 11th height level was the most recommended spot to find diamonds. However, the devs changed this within the 1.17 update. For Java Edition, gamers can frequently find diamond ores around Y level 6.

We will also provide you with quick and efficient ways to obtain diamonds in Minecraft.

Strip mining

Strip mining remains one of the best methods to get diamond ores in Minecraft. Players can mine by making a two-block high tunnel at certain high levels in strip mining. For diamonds, you need to strip mine at the height level of 5 to 6.

Strip Mining
Players can strip mine to get the diamond amount they want.

After you have mined a long and straight tunnel, generate long tunnels on two sides with a 2-block gap between each of them in order to cover the cap area. Beware of lava pools which you can see at low Y levels.

Looting and trading chests

You can get diamond weapons, armor, and tools from weaponsmiths, armorers, and toolsmiths, respectively. Their expert and master level trades own diamond gear that is available for emeralds.

Looting And Trading Chests
Trading and looting chests are also an option.

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Exploring ravines and caves

Although strip mining will give you many diamond ores, the process can be lengthy.

Exploring Ravines And Caves
Caves and ravines at certain height levels also contain diamond ores for you to mine.

An effortless way of how to get diamonds easily in Minecraft is to explore ravines and caves under the height level 16. You can identify diamond ores from their glossy blue texture.

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