When you think about it, you may be surprised at how useful the glass bottles are in Minecraft. They are the essential items used to store water or craft potions - an assortment of buff drinks that would make your journey much easier. So, how to make a glass bottle in Minecraft?

Glass Bottles in Minecraft

Glass bottles are the basic items in Minecraft. They store and transfer all kinds of liquid in the game, except for lava. You can use glass bottles to store water, potions, dragon’s breath, and honey. The Brewing Stand also requires glass bottles to brew potions to aid you in your journey.

Glass Bottle In Minecraft Feature
Glass bottles are used in all potion recipes.

Though being craftable items, glass bottles in Minecraft do have a chance to naturally drop from Witches or fishing. Witches have a small chance of dropping 0-6 potions they carry when killed. You empty the potion content, which leaves you with glass bottles. You can also acquire glass bottles when fishing, but the chance is even slimmer.

Dragons Breath
Collect Dragon's Breath to make the strongest arrows in the game!

Potions will spawn in various locations across the Overworld, and you can acquire empty glass bottles from them, too.

How to make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft?

To craft glass bottles in Minecraft, the only ingredient you need is glass. Glass is also a craftable basic material that you can easily obtain.

Go to the nearest bodies of water or the Dessert Biome and you should find sand in the plenty. Use the shovel to scoop as much sand as you possibly can because you will need a ton of it. Put the sand into the Furnace to smelt them into the glass.

Glass Bottles
You will need plenty of glass bottles for the Brewing Stand.

3 glass blocks will make 3 glass bottles. Follow the 4 easy steps below to craft glass bottles in Minecraft:

  • #1 Open the Crafting Table
  • #2 Place 1 glass block in the middle of the bottom row.
  • #3 Place 2 glass blocks in the middle row, leaving the center slot.
  • #4 Drag the newly crafted glass bottle to your inventory.
Glass Bottle Recipe
Place the glass blocks in the exact order to make a glass bottle in Minecraft.

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