There are over 100 blocks in Minecraft we can use to build constructions. And the Caves and Cliffs update is seeing more blocks to be added.

However, for those who want windows for their houses or are carrying out a recipe that needs it, glass blocks are inevitable. Luckily it requires little effort to make in the game.

See how to make glass in Minecraft below.

Stained Glass
Here's how to make glass in Minecraft and the recipes for its variations.

What can we use Glass in Minecraft for?

We can use glass for various decorating purposes from windows or greenhouses and so much more. However, lots of recipes also need glass as a necessary material.

Some of the many recipes we talk about are Daylight Detector Glass, Beacon, Tinted Glass Amethyst Shard, Hardened Glass Aluminum Oxide, or even the empty bottles that players use to brew all Minecraft potions.

How to make Glass in Minecraft

In order to make any of the above recipes, you will need to know how to create some glass.

And the guide of how to make Glass in Minecraft needs these elements: fuel, sand or red sand, a furnace, or a blast furnace.

Now, just cook the red sand or sand in one of the furnaces and you will receive the basic glass. However, we also have a bunch of diverse recipes to create all kinds of glass including those with colors.

Glass Minecraft
Making Minecraft glass is very simple.

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Minecraft Glass facts

While you can produce glass quite easily, glass can also be dyed and it even naturally occurs in the player’s seed. Players can get to know about more Minecraft glass facts including how to make different variations of glass blocks:

  • You may churn out the colored glass with a combination of eight blocks of glass and a dye of random color. The game has recipes for lime greens, black, magenta, and more hues, letting you create stained glass windows.
  • Players can make glass panes by combining 6 common glass at the Crafting Station.
  • Players can make tinted glass with glass and 4 Amethyst Shards. They are the see-through blocks that let you look yet don’t allow light through.
Glass In Minecraft
You can use glass for many purposes in Minecraft.
  • Similarly, colored glass panes can be made when you combine 5 glasses of the same tone at a Crafting Station.
  • You can’t collect Glass from the world with tools notwithstanding those are enchanted with Silk Touch.
  • Players can gain Magenta stained glass from End Cities. Get them by breaking them down and garner with Silk Touch.
Magenta Glass In End Cities
Magenta Glass in End Cities
  • Yellow and white-colored blocks of glass show up in the windows in villages,
  • Woodland Mansions’ secret rooms can also contain glass.
  • Journeyman-level librarian villagers can sell glass in exchange for emeralds in both Bedrock and Java Editions.

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