Sheep are one of the Minecraft animals that play an essential role in benefitting players. The mob looks dumbly cute yet is a useful mob thanks to the items that it drops upon kill.

For those uninitiated, the farm and husbandry mob are inevitable for building the basic but binding items. Meat, leather, as well as other important items, can easily be obtained from these farm animals.

In case you have not known how to breed sheep in Minecraft or how to tame them, our guide will do you good in all ways possible.

Breed Sheep
Here's how you can make a farm of sheep for yourself.

About Sheep in Minecraft

Sheep are commonly passive mobs in Minecraft. They have a thick wool layer on them which you can obtain for surviving purposes. Among all animals in Minecraft, sheep can be considered among the most approachable ones.

Moreover, you can find them in almost every grassy biomes except wooden badlands plateaus and snowy tundras. They usually spawn in groups of 2-3 at the natural world generation.

Minecraft sheep colors

The colors of sheep in Minecraft vary in 6 different hues. The tones include:

  • Pink Sheep: 1.15% chance
  • Brown Sheep: 3% chance
  • Light Gray: 5% chance
  • Gray Sheep: 5% chance
  • Black Sheep: 5% chance
  • White Sheep: 81% chance
Sheep In Minecraft
Sheep in Minecraft has many colors.

As implied from the number, the Pink one appears to be the rarest natural color that Minecraft sheep carry and it also has a low chance of spawning. In fact, baby pink sheep holds an even rarer chance which is 0.008%.

You can use dyes to color them artificially if you want to make a same-colored herd.


Before getting to how to breed sheep in Minecraft, notice that sheep are sought after for the items they drop when killed.

  • Raw mutton and Block of Cotton.
  • You get 1-2 raw mutton which is cooked when the sheep is put on fire before meeting the Grim Reaper.
  • For each sheep, you get a Block of Wool whose color follows that sheep’s skin. You may also shave off the Wool using Shears, therefore you do not have to put the sheep down.
  • Killing sheep will get you 1-3 EXP.
Sheep with and without their Wool.

How to breed sheep in Minecraft

Sheep in Minecraft eat Wheat, You can grow it themselves or find it in Village farms.

Just let two sheep eat Wheat, they will enter love mode and then spawn a baby sheep.

Note: In case the parents have different skin colors, the baby’s color will be an intermix. And if they don the same tone, their baby will have that one color when born.

Sheep 2
They may look dumb but they are extremely useful.

How to tame a sheep in Minecraft

Don’t miss out on how to tame a sheep in Minecraft if you want a pet for yourself.

  • Get wheat. You may grow them from seeds.
  • Approach a sheep while having your wheat equipped.
  • Lure the sheep to a closed space.
  • Once it is in the enclosure, you need to close the space with a door or gate. And that’s it, now you own a sheep!

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