Have you ever watched a tutorial for a mob grinder on YouTube, got excited, then opened your world and built one just to realize that it didn't spawn anything? Well, don't go and blame the YouTubers yet. Here are the four things that may have gone wrong and ruin the spawn rate of your mob grinder in Minecraft!

#1 Too Much Light

In order for your mob spawner/EXP farm/mob farm to work in Minecraft, it has to be pitch black. You can check the light value inside your mob spawner by pressing F3. It will display the light level of the blocks surrounding you. If there's a light source, you should detect it. Check to see whether it's complete darkness inside the mob spawner or not. 0 means no light's coming through.If the light level is at 8 or higher, mobs will stop spawning.

Check Light Value
The F3 menu will allow you to check various stats.

Just be careful when going in the spawner to check the lighting in Survival. Some mobs may not be happy that you're there.

#2 Capped Mob Capacity

Each player in Minecraft can only have 70 mobs spawned around them. This maximum capacity applies to mobs standing within the 128 block radius from you. Once capped, the mobs will cease to spawn, which causes a plummet in your spawner's efficiency.

Mobs Everywhere
There can only be 70 mobs within 128 blocks from you.

That's why many YouTubers suggest their audience build a mob farm in the middle of the ocean, where no mobs can spawn except for the Drowned.

#3 Wrong Game Difficulty

This may seem like a rookie mistake when building a mog grinder in Minecraft but people actually have made it quite often. The game difficulty does affect the spawn rates of monsters. If you're in Peaceful, no mobs will spawn EVER. So make sure you switch to a higher difficulty.

Creeper Steve
Change your game mode to a higher difficulty.

Stay at least in Normal or Hard mode for effective grinding.

#4 Unfavorable Locations

Choosing a good location can mean the difference between make or break for your mob grinder in Minecraft. This concerns the mob capacity that we talked about previously. Basically, many players build their mob spawner near their homes or on top of ravines and caves. That hurts the spawn rate of the mob farm brutally.

Mobs Farm
Change the location of the farm if it's not working.

The mob grinder cannot spawn any mobs to grind if the capacity is capped. So make sure you build your farm high up in the sky or far away into the ocean.

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