Minecraft players will stumble upon items of blocks of various kinds. If you have not known, they are separated into four sets: Common, Uncommon, Epic, and Rare. Farming these items manually can be quite challenging depending on their rarity and source.

Meanwhile, you need to be witty and make an automatic farm. You can, in fact, build them with almost every type of resource in Minecraft. They are worth your investment as these farms are highly productive and efficient.

For those who are playing the JE, check out the best automatic farms for Minecraft Java Edition. You should not try to create these in the Bedrock Edition because their mechanisms work differently.

Minecraft Automatic Farms
Which are the best automatic farms for Minecraft Java Edition? Check out right now.

5. Iron Farm

This is among the most versatile Minecraft resources that you can find. It is easy to be found as well as has a lot of beneficial uses. You will need either an iron or a pickaxe of higher level to mine diamond ores. Despite that, players can find mining iron ores quite boring and dull sometimes.

Iron Farm
Iron Farm

You can create an efficient iron farm with a zombie and a number of villagers. When the villagers feel terrified, they will defend by spawning an iron golem.

4. Gold XP Farm

A gold farm is based on zombie piglin generates a plethora of XP, gold nuggets, and ingots. It is also one of the fastest, the best automatic farms for Minecraft Java Edition.

Gold Xp Farm
Gold XP Farm is also an ideal pick for the best automatic farms.

As you hit a zombie piglin, every other zombie piglin nearby will begin attacking you. That is when you can use their behavior for XP and drop farming.

3. Raid Farm

Many Minecraft players do not succeed in protecting their villages from horrifying raiders. In the meantime, a raiding party has villagers, pillagers, evokers, vindicators, ravagers, and more. In fact, it would be not so smart to fight them on the ground. Meanwhile, you can set up a raid farm to automatically get your valuable drops.

Raid Farm
Raid farm

A raid farm generates more than 3,500 emeralds per hour. Apart from emeralds, you can also receive totems of crossbows, undying, arrows, among others. Helpful as it is, raid farms are also considered to be among the easy EXP farm ideas for beginners in Minecraft.

2. Enderman XP Farm

Another pick among the best automatic farms for Minecraft Java Edition is the Enderman XP farm. It is literally a must-have in every world of game. You can farm them easily as endermen are the sole mobs that naturally spawn in the end realm.

Enderman Xp Farm
Enderman XP Farm

Within a few minutes, you can go from 0 to 30 Experience levels.

1. Guardian Farm

For their thorns ability and the long-range attacks, guardians are among the most powerful mobs to defeat. Rather than destroying guardians, there is not another way to get prismarine crystals and shards.

Guardian Farm
Guardian Farm

Meanwhile, you may buy a guardian farm while not having to drain the ocean monument. The farm can also produce over 30,000 items each hour.

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