Grindstone is a necessary tool in Minecraft. You can use this tool to mend broken things in this game. You can obtain it or make it by yourself. Check out this guide on how to craft a grindstone in Minecraft.

What is grindstone in Minecraft?

Grindstone is a special block that can be used for sharpening or grinding ferrous tools. You can craft this tool or obtain it. This block is often generated in Minecraft villages. It's more likely to appear in the village of blacksmiths. You can use this tool to combine two items of the same category to make a new item.

Use Grindstone
Grindstone is a useful tool used for mending or combining things that can be obtained from blacksmith villages.

Moreover, it's also a necessary tool to repair and disenchant things in Minecraft. In addition, the newly-formed item has 5% durability plus. Moreover, Minecraft players also get experience from mending items when using Grindstone when all enchantments are removed during the process. This block can create a new job for Minecraft villagers. Unemployed Villagers can become Weaponsmiths.

Grindstone In Minecraft
It's very easy to farm ingredients and find materials to make and use the grindstone in this game.

How to craft a grindstone in Minecraft 1.16?

It's not hard to create a grindstone in Minecraft. First of all, you need to collect three core materials to make this block, including a stone slab, two sticks, and two wooden planks of any variant. No matter which variant of wood you use, you can always make the grindstone when combining those materials. Then, you open the crafting table in this game.

Grindstone Look
Grindstone works like a mending table to fix broken items and combine two things of the same types.

Put two sticks on two sides of the stone slab. Next, put two wooden planks right under two sticks. They should also be placed on the left and right of the stone slab. You can use any kind of wood to make grindstone in this game, such as oak, birch, spruce, acacia, etc. Moreover, Minecraft players need to put the two sticks and the stone slab on the same row and the two wooden planks on the row below it.

Grindstone Materials
You need to collect three core materials, including a stone slab, two sticks, and two wooden planks of any variant.

Then, you will get a Minecraft grindstone in the output square. Then, drag it to your inventory to use later when you combine and create items or repair things. You should use a crafting table with 3x3 blocks although you only use two rows and five slots of the table. You can cut two sticks by chopping wood. Or else, you can also get this tool from a weaponsmith villager in a Minecraft village.

Place The Grindstone On Ground Min
After creating the grindstone, grad it to the inventory and place it on the ground to use as a mending table.

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How to use a grindstone in Minecraft?

Grindstone is a very useful tool in Minecraft. You can use grindstone to mend your tools when they look worse. Besides, the grindstone looks pretty like a crafting table and works like a mending table. When you want to fix your tools or combine two items in order to make a better one, use this mending tool. There are two slots on the left for the input items and one slot on the right for the output tools.

Repair And Remove Enchantments
Grindstone can help you repair items and remove enchantments in some enchanted books or tools to get XP.

Then, you put two items of the same type on the two input slots to repair them. After that, the grindstone will help you repair those broken tools. For example, you can use the grindstone to repair broken wooden shovels. Then, you also drag the fixed tool to the inventory to use later.

Giant Grindstone
You can also make a giant grindstone or more grindstones to mend more items.

Moreover, grindstone can also remove enchantments in some enchanted books or tools. Then, you can get normal items and tools to use. Moreover, players also get a lot of XP by removing enchantments to make normal items. However, you cannot remove curses from items and tools with a grindstone.

Use 2 Grindstones
Use 2 grindstones to make a block carrier.

In Minecraft, some enchanted books are pretty useless. Therefore, you should remove the enchantments to get XP. In addition, the grindstone can also be used for eliminating the level penalty on some tools. In specific, if you use an anvil to combine or mend items in this game, it costs more levels the next time you repair. But you can reset this level by using the grindstone.

Work As A Blacksmith Villager Min
You can work as a blacksmith villager when having a grindstone in your house.

Minecraft grindstone vs anvil

As mentioned, you can also make an anvil in Minecraft besides a grindstone to repair and combine enchantments with items, and it costs some levels of those items. However, you won't get this problem when using the grindstone to combine and repair things in this game. Thus, it's better to use the grindstone than using the anvil.

Blacksmith House With Several Grindstones Min
You can build a blacksmith house and place several grindstones to mend lots of things.

You can combine and mend items at no cost with the grindstone. Moreover, you also get 5% durability plus. In addition, it's very easy to make and use the grindstone in this game. The materials to make this mending table are very easy to obtain in the wild. You can also use two different types of wood to make it with ease. However, you should have both grindstone and anvil because they also have different uses.

Those are things you need to know about the grindstone in Minecraft. You can also learn how to craft a grindstone in Minecraft in this article.

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