Surviving the first night in Minecraft could be the toughest challenge for beginners, let alone making it through in there for a long term. Although there are other methods to survive, you can use seeds to stay long-term more easily. Be it the hardcore mode or you only want a simple ride in a regular venture, our list could help.

In fact, specific seeds that have bigger ravines and accessible caves come in handy. Check out the best Minecraft seeds for long term survival below. They include seeds with a lot of biomes, villages, massive ravines for various Minecraft versions.

They not only enhance your ability but also give leave to survival in a long term.

1. Blacksmith village with mineshaft in a ravine

Code: 105899026

Version: Minecraft Bedrock

Blacksmith Village With Mineshaft Inside A Ravine
With this Blacksmith village with a mineshaft in a ravine, you will be able to survive for the longest time posible.

As it features a blacksmith village quite close to a ravine, this is the seed that every player in Minecraft would want for their survival goal. On another hand, this is not an old ravine because it has a gold-loaded mineshaft within.

Moreover, you will have so many resources to opt for that you would have to visit the mineshaft and ravine several times. Also, you wil be able to approach the armor and weapons from the blacksmith's house.

Another thing that makes this seed one of the best Minecraft seeds for long-term survival is its prevalent resources. These will help players have more time before having to look for new villages or caves to trade with.

2. Flowery village

Code: 7423302672512960863

Version: Minecraft Java

Flower Forest With A Village
The best Minecraft seeds for long term survival names the Flower Forest with a village.

The flowery village is special for having a village spawned right within a flower forest. This is a very useful and rare world in Minecraft to explore.

With this seed, you have all the flowers and every natural village right in your palm. It poses a great pick for crafting a house or a bee farm even. There are too many chances to get advanced-level items with these resources within easy reach.

Apart from that, it contains a deftly accessible cave that has a mineshaft within it. Moreover, there is another mineshaft close to a second village. It is bigger than the previous one with 19 buildings, consisting of numerous stonemasons, clerics, leatherworkers.

3. Too many structures

Code: -1716208639735502384

Version: 1.16 Minecraft Java

Underground Dungeons In Minecraft
Underground dungeons in the best Minecraft seeds for long term survival.

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There is an insane number of naturally generated structures in this seed. It has two villages (one of them is large), five dungeons, a shipwreck, a pillager outpost, and two mineshafts.

With these easily accessible generated structures from your spawn, you are guaranteed to survive in quite a long while. As one of the best Minecraft seeds for long term survival, it also features every resource that a gamer needs.

The sole thing you may find hard to find is wood. The reason for this is the majority of biomes are desert, plains, and ocean. However, with the surrounding villages, you shall have no difficulty looking for enough load of wood.

If these generated structures are not enough to make you engaged with the game, the number of caves and a ravine would make the tables turn. Players can mine there for resources, trade them with villagers and make use of them for their personal gain.

4. Biomes galore

Seed Code: -98141769

Version: Minecraft Bedrock

Dark Oak And Savannah Minecraft Biomes
Dark oak and savannah Minecraft biomes

Biomes galore spawns users close to a multitude of biomes. Also, there is a savannah village right beside a forest of dark oak. This is the flawless biome combination because a lot of wood is available as well as many villagers you can do the trading with.

Apart from that, there is also a regular dark oak forest and a desert biome near there. You will find no trouble seeking the resources you need. What is even better is a body of water is present beside the savannah village. It means that in case you need an unlimited water resource or want to begin a farm, there is one nearby.

Having a large ravine and two pyramids, it is one of the best ravines for long-term survival in Minecraft. Also, there is a desert village near that savannah village. It has just ample resources for gamers to survive easily in the Minecraft world.

5. Unique mushroom and taiga Island

Code: 2945671375784082726

Version: 1.16 Minecraft Java

Taiga And Mushroom Island
This mushroom and taiga island is among the best Minecraft seeds for long term survival.

With this seed, the player is spawned into reality with mushroom biome and taiga forest right next to one another. It brings about more wood than you can expect and the special blocks are only discovered in mushroom biomes.

Meanwhile, what makes the mushroom biomes really remarkable is mobs do not spawn on them naturally. Even when players play hard mode, not a mob would spawn there at night. It makes itself the ideal place for gamers to build bases or houses. As long as you put up a fence around your home, it is unlikely that any mob would spawn.

Close to the forest zone, there is a big ravine perfect for you to search for the underground resources that you ever wanted. Meanwhile, in the vicinity, a swamp biome and an ocean monument are also present. This seed is extremely diverse as it even features a village close to a snow tundra biome nearby.

Last but not least, the Nether is equally worth exploring in the seed. A Nether fortress and bastion remnants are quite close to each other. It is great for game resources later and will let you make all the potions and blocks that you want.

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