Along with competitive battle royale games like Free Fire or PUBG, Minecraft is making its way to dominating the gaming market in India. More than just an entertaining title, the classic game requires players to have many skills and strategies to win. One of the tips that are most sought after is how to brew potions in Minecraft to have an advantage over other gamers.

About potions in Minecraft

Potions in Minecraft are what players can make in order to gain special abilities and obtain immunity for certain encounters in the game. Potions are loaded in a transparent glass bottle and they look like sparkling liquid. In fact, they can be discovered in the world of Minecraft or made by gamers. One is quite lucky to see a potion just lying around in the game.

You will need to make a base potion prior to crafting another kind of potion. For instance, you will need a water-filled glass bottle and mix it with a base like nether warts.

How To Brew Potions In Minecraft
Here's how to create potions in Minecraft!

Moreover, blaze powder needs to be placed in the fuel slot to brew potions. To create an effective potion, you will need to make a base potion first. From then on, you may add ingredients like glowstone or redstone dust to make it more potent. Check out how to brew potions in Minecraft.

How to make potions in Minecraft

Brew them

Brewing potions need a brewing stand. Gamers can make these themselves or find them in a Minecraft village. To craft one brewing stand, you will need to put three cobblestones and a blaze rod in the crafting menu.

How To Brew Potions In Minecraft 2
All brewing process needs to be done via a brewing stand.

Meanwhile, a blaze rod can be obtained after players beat ablaze in the Nether, and cobblestone is commonly found in the MC world.

How to make them

Firstly, a player has to make a base potion to make a potion with actual effect. The list of base potions includes mundane potion, thick potion, weakness potion, and awkward potion.

Secondly, the awkward potion is made from glowstone while Redstone and fermented spider eye are for the mundane potion and weakness potion.

How To Brew Potions In Minecraft 3
There have been a lot of collections on how to brew potions in Minecraft.

Every potion needs water to be crafted.

What do potions do?

There are reasons why people search for steps of how to brew potions in Minecraft.

How To Brew Potions In Minecraft 4
Potions bring a lot of advantages to players.

Potions can provide players with every type of ability. A number of them allow you to heal. Meanwhile, some will grant you regeneration effects or resistance.

Currently, there are 72 potions you can create in Minecraft. Gamers can also get glass bottles for their potions by slaying a witch as she may leave a glass bottle upon defeat.

You, on another hand, may gain glass bottles by placing three glass blocks into the crafting menu.

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