Raids are one of the more challenging parts of Minecraft. It is an in-game event in which waves of various mobs, including pillagers, vindicators, ravagers, and evokers (which can summon vexes), spawn and attack a village.

In this article, we will showcase how to stop a raid in Minecraft.

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In general, to stop a raid in Minecraft, you have to prepare sufficient equipment to hide villagers and fight raiders, then start a raid to defeat it. The raid will only come to an end when all the village is destroyed if you can't fight it. You can also stop a raid in Minecraft with commands.

1 - Equipment Requirements

Before getting to know how to stop a raid with commands in Minecraft, let's see what you need to prepare for a raid in the game.


  • A full set of iron armor, sword, and shield at minimum. Sharpness and Fire Aspect lets you eliminate enemies quicker. Protection gives you better survivability while reducing damage from evocation fangs. Shield to guard against vex attacks and indicator blows.
  • Tools to hide villagers underground or unblock houses after a raid.
Iron Armor
Iron Armor in Minecraft
  • A bow or crossbow to take out raiders from a distance. Flame or Power can quickly one-shot most raiders.
  • Nutritious food like bread or steak for health regeneration.
  • A water bucket for getting up or down.
  • A stack or more of expendable blocks to barricade all houses in the village.

Optional equipment

  • Milk to remove negative status from witches.
  • Splash potion to block groups of raiders.
  • Ender pearls for quick escapes.
Cobweb trap in Minecraft
  • Healing potion or regeneration to recover faster.
  • Golden apples to tank enemies' attack.
  • Cobwebs to trap raiders.
  • Lava Bucket to kill Ravagers and other dangerous mobs.

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2 - Preparation

You should prepare the village before triggering a raid in Minecraft. Below are what you need to do.

Wall it off

This strategy is infallible. Just wall off the perimeter of the village with a strong block like wood or cobblestone. As raiders are incapable of destroying them, they are stuck outside and won't be able to get inside the village.

Walled village
Walled village in Minecraft

Afterward, you can just scale the wall with ladders and shoot the monsters with a bow.

Set traps

Beside a wall, you can also set traps outside the area to deal damage and slow enemies down. Lava traps and cobweb traps can damage and slow the raiders for iron golems to finish them. You can also dig a moat and place a ladder to lure them in. Add magma, wither roses or sweet berries to deal damage.

Lava trap
Lava trap in Minecraft

Blocking villager doorways

Wall off house entrances after ring the bell to get all the villagers inside. This way, they will be kept safe when you deal with the raiders. You can also hide them underground or splash them with invisibility.

Block the doorway
Just build a wall to block the door of buildings

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3 - Starting the raid

You need to kill an Illager captain to get the Bad Omen Effect to trigger a raid. Illager captains spawn as part of patrols and pillager outposts. They wear an ominous banner on their head. In Java Edition, the Bad Omen effect can stack up to 5 to increase the number of waves spawn in the raid.

Illager Captain
Kill an Illager Captain to get the Bad Omen buff

The raid would start when a player with the effect walks into an area with at least one villager and one claimed bed. Enemies will spawn within 64 blocks around the villager.

4 - Defeating the raid

When will the raid expire?

The raid in Minecraft will come to an end when the entire village has been destroyed with all villagers dead if players can't defeat it.

In case gamers decide to abandon the raid, the Pillagers will follow the players for some distance. The raid is set to expire in 2 or 3 nights in Minecraft before all the Pillagers are despawned.

How to fight the raid

In general, your task is to locate all raiders and eliminate them as fast as possible.

Ring the village bell to inflict the Glowing status effect on nearby raiders and find their location. Prioritize ravagers, evokers and witches. Witches heal other mobs while ravagers destroy crops and evoker firing highly damaging vexes.

Evokers Minecraft
Evokers are really dangerous, especially in packs

Repeat this process until all waves are defeated. Once the raid is over, any player in the boundary of the village will get the "Hero of the Village" advancement and status effect. It lasts for 3 in-game days. The buff reduces trading costs and makes villagers gift you items.

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In Java Edition, the number of waves depends on the difficulty and your Bad Omen level. If it is higher than 1, the last wave would spawn 2 times. There are 3/5/7 waves from Easy to Hard, with up to 2 additional pillagers and vindicators per wave. It is easier in the Bedrock edition, with no Bad Omen stack.

  • Wave 1: Only pillagers - you can either charge them with a sword or kill them from afar with a bow.
  • Wave 2: There are pillagers and vindicators. You can snipe some of them first then go melee later.
  • Wave 3: There is a ravager and some pillagers. Try hit and run or ranged attacks to kill the ravager first. Afterward, kill the pillagers as normal.
  • Wave 4: There are witches, pillagers, and vindicators. Try to aim for the witches first and kill them as fast as possible. Their potions can be a problem if you leave them for last. Finish the rest as usual.
Village raid
A raid can destroy your whole village
  • Wave 5: There are pillagers, vindicators, an evoker, and a pillager riding a ravager. Snipe the Ravager's rider down first and deal with it immediately. Corner the Evoker and either mele or shoot it. Afterward, deal with the other raiders as normal.
  • Wave 6: There is only one evoker, but many pillagers and vindicators. Kill the evoker first as it vexes are annoying. Be careful, as pillagers and vindicators might swarm you.
  • Wave 7: This is a massive raid party with all illager types, including a vindicator and evoker riding on top of a ravager. The majority of the wave are vindicators - try to kill the illagers first to then the horde out. Afterward, snipe the mounted evoker first then deal with the witches to prevent them from using potions. The rest can be dealt with using melee strategies.

5 - How to stop a raid in Minecraft with Commands

You can either turn them off completely in the menu or use the command /gamerule disableRaids true. Upon activation, the current raid would end and all raids would be turned off until this command disabled.

This is the end of our guide on how to stop a raid in Minecraft. Interested in more of our articles on Please check out this post to find out more about the top 10 most dangerous enemies in Minecraft.