Villagers are NPC mobs that were added into the game as part of the Feb 2012 update. They reside in villages, roam the land and stick to the job block they are assigned. They are a crucial part of the economy in Minecraft... and in this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most useful villagers.

Top 5 most useful villagers in Minecraft

5 - Fletcher

Job Block: Fletching Table

These villagers offer arrows and tipped arrows at quantities of 16 and 5 respectively. With bow and crossbow being the main ranged weapon in the game, amassing ammunition is important. Enchanted bows and crossbows are also available for purchase as well.

Fletcher in Minecraft

You need feathers and strings to trade for emerald from Fletchers. They also offer 10 flints for one emerald, which is pretty useful early on when you don't have the "Infinity" enchantment.

4 - Fisherman

Job Block: Barrel

Fishing, while boring, is one of the most rewarding jobs for a villager in Minecraft. You can fish for treasure items like valuable enchanted books, bows, or even experience orbs. Because of that, a high-level Fisherman vendor is really valuable. You should be able to pawn all the fishes you don't need onto them to get diamonds.

Fisherman in Minecraft

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3 - Cleric

Job Block: Brewing Stand

The main job of a cleric is to buy all those rotten flesh sitting in your inventory - no other villagers would buy that. You can also sell nether wart to them as well - it is very easy to get these things as long as you have a basic nether farm.

Cleric in Minecraft

You can also purchase a multitude of items from the Cleric. Glowstone, Ender Pearls, and Bottle of Enchanting are all available in the shop. While the first two items are easy to get in small numbers, having another option to purchase is still pretty valuable.

2 - Librarian

Job Block: Lectern

Librarians are the main way for you to get enchanted books, which in turn can be converted into enchantments. Mending, for example, is one of the most useful enchantments that you would need to get access to ASAP.

Librarian in Minecraft

You can reset the book a Librarian have by destroying their Lectern and place another one immediately afterward. If you need to get Emerald from Librarians, create a paper farm and turn them in for profit.

1 - Farmer

Job Block: Composter

The humble farmers turned out to be the most convenient way to acquire emeralds in the game and the easiest villagers to trade with. You only need to set up a decent plot of land and grow the food they need. A Farmer will ask for either Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, or Beetroots for their starting trades, and will eventually want Pumpkins too.

The Farmers are the most useful villagers in Minecraft

All these foodstuffs are easy to acquire - the villagers also automatically work on the farms for you. It is recommended to get at least 5 farmers or more in a single village.

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