Enchantments are one of the most powerful tools in Minecraft that you must use in order to beat end game contents. In this article, we are going to list out the top 8 Best Enchantments In Minecraft.

1 - Mending

It is best to apply this to weapons and resource-gathering tools that you use the most. As we all know, tools and weapons in Minecraft would break down with repeated use. This enchantment lets the item repair itself with the green orbs created from mining resources or killing monsters.

Mending is amongst the best enchantments in Minecraft.

2 - Unbreaking

Best applied to everything you often use (similar to mending). However, Unbreaking just increases the durability of the item it was applied to. You would still need to repair the item but it should take a lot longer than normal. Overall, it is weaker than mending - items with mending won't need any repair at all.

Unbreaking in Minecraft

3 - Fortune

This is a crucial enchantment for gathering resources in Minecraft. You need to put Fortune on Pickaxe, shovel, or axe as soon as possible. With Fortune added, the number of resources that can be collected from a single block would be tripled. This is extremely useful for gathering rare materials like Diamonds or Lapis Lazuli (which you would definitely need for all the enchantments).

Fortune in Minecraft

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4 - Looting

Looting works the same way as fortune, however, it affects different targets. By enchanting this onto your weapon of choice, the drops received after killing monsters with that weapon would increase. This enchantment does not increase experience gained, however. If you want to farm any item from monsters, using weapons with this enchantment is a must.

Looting in Minecraft

5 - Sharpness

Sharpness increases the melee damage of a weapon. Overall, this is the best all-around bonuses that work in all situations. There are other specialized enchantments that target certain monsters type as well, but they are not nearly as versatile as Sharpness.

Sharpness in Minecraft

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6 - Power

This is a must-have enchantment for your bow. With power equipped, the damage of each arrow would increase significantly. This is very important in facing bosses and beat end game monsters, as sniping them from long range is much easier than going close and personal.

Power in Minecraft

7 - Protection

This enchantment increases the damage reduction of armors, similar to how sharpness and power work on weapons. While there are specific defense enchantments, this is the best and most versatile, especially if you don't have money for multiple armors.

Protection in Minecraft

8 - Efficiency

It is best to apply this to gathering tools like the pickaxe, shovel or ax to increase its gathering speed. This enchantment only works if you use the tools on their proper resources. Using a pickaxe to gather wood would get no bonus effects whatsoever.

Efficiency in Minecraft

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