Exploring is probably the most important part when playing an open-world game like Minecraft. In this Minecraft exploration guide, we are going to improve your odds of survival in such an unforgiving world.

1 - Identify mob & environmental dangers

There are two main types of dangers in Minecraft: environmental (falling, burning in lava, drowning...) and mob (enemies randomly spawned in the map). You need to identify these two aspects and try to avoid them if possible.

The environment in Minecraft

2 - Create a bed and sleep on it ASAP

Beds are spawn points in Minecraft. You need to frequently create and use one as you travel - otherwise, death would send you back to the previous bed you slept on. This can be very annoying... as a lot of progress would be skipped.

The bed is very important in Minecraft.

3 - Establish a home base

Usually, you would want to build a base around your bed so that you can store resources. If you are just creating a checkpoint for resources, your temporary base does not need to be complicated.

Home Base
Build a home base is a good thing to do in Minecraft exploration.

4 - Craft essential tools for Minecraft Exploration

It is very important that you have your essential tools ready. These items should be inside your inventory at all times:

  • Pickaxe - Crucial in clearing obstacles and gathering resources
  • Sword - A weapon to fight off mobs
  • Axe - Chopping wood
  • Shovel - Get through dirt, sand, and gravel without damaging your pickaxe.
  • Map - Document your world
Important tools in Minecraft

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5 - Never dig straight up or straight down

Avoid digging too deep, as there are a lot of surprises in Minecraft. Going straight down can make you fall to your death into a cavern... while going up can hit a lava or water pocket and drown you.

Cavern in Minecraft

If you have to dig up or down, do it in a zig-zag pattern.

6 - Don't go out at night

Dangerous enemies like zombies and skeletons can wander around without restriction at night, which makes the world much more dangerous than it is in the day. The same rule applies to dark places like dense forests or caves.

Night creatures in Minecraft

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7 - Use plenty of torches

Plant torches around your base and the location you plan on exploring. The fire can keep mobs at bay... however, some might still ignore them.

Use torches to lit your base at night

8 - Don't hoard items

Try to carry only what you need in your inventory. Alongside the tools mentioned above, bring some food for healing and leave the rest in your base. This would prevent your hard-earned resources to be destroyed if you die.

Only carry what you need in Minecraft exploration

You can always go back for resources if you die while carrying them back.

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9 - Scout an area first before gathering resources

It is very important that you make an advance trip to scout an area first to check the dangerous mob types and environmental hazard before committing. After the scout trip, you can go back to the area with the needed equipment, saving spaces in your inventory for other purposes.

Scout the area first

10 - Be cautious

Don't take unnecessary risks. Try to look for a way around the obstacle first before confronting it directly.

Don't take risks in Minecraft

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