How to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft PE is a question that many Minecraft players need an answer to. After all the work to get a dragon egg in Minecraft, many players want to hatch the egg and hopefully create a dragon of their own.

However, many players don't know how to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft PE and might result in breaking the egg while trying, losing all the hard work they did. Here's the tip from!

Ender Dragon Minecraft
Can you hatch a dragon egg and make the Ender Dragon your personal pet?

1. How to get a Dragon Egg in Minecraft PE?

Of course, in order to get a Dragon Egg, you need to defeat the Ender dragon first. You will also get the "Free the End" advancement when you defeat the dragon. The Ender dragon in Minecraft is pretty much the final boss of the game. It has 100 hearts along with the ability to deal substantial damage. The creature also has a healing power that makes it nearly impossible to kill for many players.

How to kill the Ender Dragon

The source of healing of the Ender Dragon is the end crystals found across the battlefield on top of the big pillars. You must destroy these crystals first or else killing the dragon will be impossible.

Kill Ender Dragon
You need to destroy the crystals to stop the dragon from healing

The best way to destroy these crystals is by using a bow or crossbow from far away because these crystals explode when destroyed. But if you don't like sneaking and sniping, you can just climb up and destroy it up close. This will be harder as the dragon will try to knock you off. If you got knocked off to the ground, use the water bucket trick to take zero damage.

After you have destroyed all the crystals, the dragon will not be able to heal anymore. Therefore, any damage you deal to it is permanent now. You can kill it with any weapon or mean. Also note that the dragon will fight back with melee attacks, fireballs, and breath. That's why you should be well prepared with food, armor, potions for the fight.

There is also another advanced technique that will help you kill the dragon in just seconds without the need to destroy the crystals. However, it is quite complicated. You can check out the video below to learn how.

When the dragon is defeated, it will explode into lights and turn into green dust raining down the ground.

Ender Dragon Dies
The dragon will explode in the sky when it dies

You can find the dragon egg on a stack of bedrock. Now use anything to hit it, and it will appear in a random nearby location.

How To Hatch Dragon Egg In Minecraft Pe
You will be able to find the Dragon Egg after the Ender Dragon dies

Now dig below the egg and put a torch right under it. Use your Pickaxe to destroy the block in between and the egg will fall into the torch. Now you can take the dragon egg into your inventory.

How To Get Dragon Egg Minecraft
Destroy the block in the middle and the egg will fall down and break
How To Get Dragon Egg Minecraft
Now you can pick it up into your inventory.

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2. How to hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft PE?

You cannot hatch a Dragon Egg in Minecraft PE unless you are using a mod. You can only resurrect the dragon using the dragon egg.

How to resurrect the dragon

Follow these steps below to resummon the Ender Dragon in Minecraft:

  • Place the egg back to its original spot on top of the bedrock structure.
  • Make an End Crystal using the recipe below with 7 Glass, 1 Ghast Tear, 1 Eye of Ender.
End Crystal
End Crystal recipe in Minecraft
  • Place the crystals as shown in the picture below. All the crystals will start to ignite and spawn the Ender Dragon.
summon dragon minecraft
Place the End Crystals in the exact position to resummon the Ender Dragon

Use mod to hatch a dragon egg

There are countless mods in Minecraft that are developed by players. With the right mod, you can literally do anything, including hatching a dragon egg. There is a mod called 'Dragon Mounts 2' that allows you to hatch a dragon egg. You can make Ender Dragon your pet and ride it in the sky.

To hatch the egg, simply put it down and click on it. It will take a while for it to hatch. You can tame the dragon with raw fish and command it to lay down or stand up with Bone.

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