Minecraft is the most popular sandbox game in the world where you can get materials in form of blocks to build or craft anything you want. You can also color your creation by the apply dye of different colors to them.

In order to get dyes, you need to craft them from different materials and know their recipes. While some are easy to craft by getting some flowers and other material, the White dye can be quite a work to get. In this article, we will bring you a step-by-step guide on how to make White dye in Minecraft.

How To Make White Dye On Minecraft
Check below the recipes for white dye in Minecraft!

Required Materials To Make White Dye

You will need these 2 materials to make White dye in Minecraft:

  • Bone/ Bone Block
  • Lily of the valley

How to get Bone Meal:

Bone Meal is a material that is usually used as a fertilizer for many plants as well as the crafting ingredient for dyes. You can get Bone Meal using multiple methods in Minecraft:

  • Crafting: For each Bone, you can get 3 Bone Meals. For each Bone Block, you can craft 9 Bone Meals.
Bone Meal Minecraft
You can craft Bone Meal from Bone or Bone Block
  • Mob Loot: You can get Bone from skeletons, which spawn at night, in dark places,  from spawners, or in nether fortresses. You can also get Bone Meals from killing fish mobs. Salmon, cod, pufferfish, and tropical fish, all can drop Bone on death.
Skeleton Minecraft
You can get Bone by killing skeleton
  • Chest: You can occasionally find Bone in Chest.

How to get Lily of the valley:

The Lily of the valley is a type of flower that can be found in Flower forest biomes such as the Birch Forest, Birch Forest Hills, and Flower Forest. You can also get it by using Bone Meal on a Dirt or Glass Block in those biomes.

You can find Lily of the valley in Forest biomes

How To Make White Dye In Minecraft?

Check below some common questions related to making white dye in Minecraft.

1. What flower makes white dye in Minecraft?

You can make White dye in Minecraft using the Lily of the valley flower.

2. How do you make white dye?

To make White dye, open the crafting table, put Lily of the valley or Bone Meal on the top left corner of the 3x3 grid. This will create White dye and you can drag it into your inventory.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to make White Dye in Minecraft:

  • Open your crafting table and you will see a 3x3 crafting grid.
  • Add Lily of the valley or Bone Meal to the crafting table to the top-left grid of the 3x3 grid. You need to add the material exactly in that spot in order to get the White dye.
How To Make White Dye In Minecraft
You can craft White dye from Lily of the valley or Bone Meal
  • The white dye will appear on the big box on the right if you have done it right. Now, drag it into your inventory. You get 1 White dye for each Lily of the valley or Bone Meal.

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3. How do you make dye on Minecraft?

Here is the recipe for all dye colors in Minecraft.

Color Material How to Make It
Red Poppy, red tulip, or rose bush Put Poppy, red tulip, or rose bush in the grid on the crafting table
Orange Orange tulip Put Orange tulip in the grid on the crafting table
Yellow Dandelion sunflower Put Dandelion sunflower in the grid on the crafting table
Green Cactus Smelt the cactus in a furnace
Blue Lapis lazuli ore Smelt the Lapis lazuli ore in a furnace
Pink Peony or pink tulips Put Peony or pink tulips in the grid on the crafting table
White Bonemeal Put Bonemeal in the grid on the crafting table
Black Ink sac from squid Kill Squids and they will drop from 0-3 Ink sacs
Brown Cocoa plants You can find them in dungeons or growing in jungle trees
Cyan Green dye + blue dye Put Green dye + blue dye in the grid on the crafting table
Purple Red dye + blue dye Put Red dye + blue dye in the grid on the crafting table
Gray Black dye + white dye Put Black dye + white dye in the grid on the crafting table

How To Use Dye in Minecraft

You can dye almost anything in Minecraft. You can make dyed glass, dyed wool, dyed clay,... with any dye color. There are 2 ways for you to dye something in Minecraft. You can either place the item in the world and then apply dye directly on it or you can do that on the crafting table. For example, you can dye live animals such as sheep so when you shear their wool, it is already dyed. If you already have the wool in your inventory, you can use the crafting table to dye it instead.

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