Tricky Guy Minecraft is a helpful YouTube channel for Minecraft gamers in India. He will show you how to download the latest updates and mods quickly. Besides, his channel also covers other content of some hottest mobile games, such as GTA 5, Fall Guys, and more.

Tricky Guy Minecraft Download

It's one of the main content of the Tricky Guy YouTube channel. He made a lot of videos about downloading Minecraft content to instruct gamers on how to get the latest updates or mods on mobile phones. He speaks Hindi in all his videos. Thus, Indian gamers can get the most detailed instructions.

Minecraft Download Instructions
Tricky Guy made lots of videos about downloading Minecraft's latest updates or mods.

He launched this YouTube Channel on Mar 22nd, 2020. Up to now, he has got over 46 lakh views in all videos on his channel in total. Besides, Tricky Guy has attracted over 37k followers. Videos about download and mod attract the highest view count, especially Minecraft download content.

Full Intruction And Reviews
Indian gamers can get the most detailed instructions and informative reviews from his videos.

The most-watched video of Tricky Guy is a Minecraft download instruction video that shows players how to download Minecraft PE 1.16.220 on Android smartphones. This video got over 2.6 lakh views after one week only. That new video also got the highest view count among all videos in his YouTube channel up to now.

Minecraft Tricky Guy
He also gives you the links to download those updates and mods with full descriptions.

Other Game Content On Tricky Guy

This YouTuber also covers many interesting contents of other popular mobile games, such as GTA 5 mobile, Fall Guys, Free Fire, etc. Obviously, this YouTuber knows many magical tricks to get the most attractive and newest updates and mods of these mobile games. His fantastic tips will help you avoid unexpected problems when downloading these game mods.

Tricky Guy Channel
Tricky Guy's Channel has attracted over 37k subscribers and over 46 lakh views in total.

Apart from download instructions, he also shows you how the mods and updates look. This YouTuber will experience the game himself as a detailed review for gamers. For example, in the most-watched video of him, the Tricky Guy played Minecraft PE 1.16.220 after downloading this version to his mobile phone.

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Tricky Guy Gta 5
He also covers many interesting contents of other mobile games, such as GTA 5 mobile, Fall Guys, and Free Fire.

He also got many thanks and positive comments for his supportive tricks. His videos have good audio and graphic quality. Although it does not look as vivid and beautiful as PC game content, the pictures are not broken. It's still good-looking and acceptable with regard to mobile games. Tricky Guy download is attractive content.

Tricky Guy Minecraft Download Website

Tricky Guy also has a website with useful download links for gamers. Moreover, his article is also full of information about the updated versions or mods. It helps you know all the newly added features in the game version that you want to download. For instance, the latest Minecraft version Minecraft PE V1.16.230 launched on April 16th, 2021 has many new contents.

  • Marketplace with lots of community creations.
  • Slash commands allow gamers to change the time of day, summon mobs, give items away, etc.
  • Add-Ons feature lets gamer experience with free Add-Ons. Moreover, you can modify the mod data to create more resource packs.
Minecraft Latest Video
Links to download are available on his website.

This trick provider will give the full description of the game version with the download links in his review. You can also learn to download the latest Minecraft version 2021 from other YouTubers or websites.

How To Download The Latest Minecraft Version?

There are many sources of Minecraft download links on the internet. You can also access the website of Tricky Guy Minecraft to get the latest updates and mods of this game with full descriptions. Then, check out the detailed instruction on his YouTube Channel and follow his steps to download the wanted update.

Tricky Guy Download
Follow Tricky Guy's instructions to download and install the latest version of Minecraft on Android smartphones.

It's pretty easy to download Minecraft when you follow the instruction of this YouTuber. First of all, you should use an Android phone because it's easier to get and install Minecraft mods on the Android platform than on the iOS platform.

Play Minecraft
Open the game and play as normal.

Then, access his website to check out the description of the latest update or mod. If you really want to get it, click on the download link and wait for a few seconds. Then, the website will ask you whether you want to download that version or not. If yes, click on the Download File button to get the APK file.

Tricky Guy Gameplay
Check out the download instructions and gameplay on his videos.

Next, go to the Alarm folder in the phone's storage and locate the APK file of Minecraft. Tap on it and choose to Install. If you have had the game app on your phone, the system will ask you if you want to install the update. Tap on the Install button to continue the process. Then, the update will be installed automatically. Open the game app and play as normal.

Those are things you need to know about Tricky Guy Minecraft. You can also subscribe to his channel to get the latest instructions for Minecraft gamers.

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