Farming XP in Minecraft is what players all need to do in the game sooner or later. Meanwhile, gamers sometimes will find it hard to decide what sources are the most efficient.

As mining and killing random mobs may not be enough and could take hours to get to level 30, these are the best sources of XP in Minecraft you would want to use.

5. Classic mob tower

Since the word goes, classic mob towers have been in the game as an easy and simple element to build.

Classic Mob Tower
Mob tower will help you earn XP.

A majority of mob towers share similarities in their building style although some of them do have their own collection system. In fact, these towers have the ability to spawn zombies, skeletons, and creepers.

Moreover, you can build them everywhere which is a big plus as not other farms have this feature.

4. XP bank built by Avomance

Another one among the best sources of XP in Minecraft is banks created by Avomance. They have been here for a while and are extremely customizable. Moreover, these farms can pair up with a bamboo and cactus farm to make a limitless amount of XP.

Xp Bank Built By Avomance
An XP bank

With railway systems and minecarts, the farm can reach 100% efficiency and be fully automatic. The furnaces can run constantly as long as the farms are enough efficient.

Meanwhile, the XP will sit in there until a gamer breaks the smelted items or takes them out.

3. Enderman Farm

Players could view this as a glitch. However, it poses a great way to quickly get a lot of experience.

Enderman Farm
Enderman Farm

The only issue is you will need to build a rather complex contraption to make the best use of it. You must have got to The End and then beat the Ender Dragon.

All in all, exploring these farms would still remain one of the easy EXP farm ideas for beginners in Minecraft.

2. Monster Spawner Farm

In case gamers have not approached The End, they can create a monster spawner farm.

First, you will have to spot a monster spawning block and make sure to build around it. It would make quite a powerful XP farmer.

Although it may take you a considerable amount of time to make, it is worth a try if you are undergoing many experiences while chanting.

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1. Mine Nether Quartz

Although it is obviously going to be a tad bit risky as you will have to get into the Nether, Mine Nether Quartz is also one of the best sources of XP in Minecraft. If you have the gut, this method is among the fastest ways to obtain as much XO as you want.

Mine Nether Quartz
Dangerous as it might be, it offers a great amount of XP.

When you have entered the Nether, search for blocks like the above picture. That is the Nether Quartz which will yield many XP if mined. Moreover, there is pretty a bit of it to be discovered, so take advantage of it as much as you can.

Remember to stay safe, too. Mark the path as you run around the Nether as you can very easily get lost.

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