In the long story of Minecraft, gamers have witnessed a plethora of blocks as well as other items. Every block has its own use and texture. And while a number of blocks are made for adornment, others do have utilities.

The pixelated indie block game has come a long way. It has evolved from a game with trees, dirt, basic blocks, and stone to tons of more helpful features. In fact, the blocks have developed immensely, with blast furnaces helping to smelt ores, smokers help cook food items more quickly, and such.

5 Most Useful Blocks In Minecraft
See the most valuable blocks in Minecraft!

So here we introduce to you some of the most useful blocks in Minecraft. Without them, this game would never be the same.

10. Shulker Boxes

One of the most useful blocks in Minecraft is named Shulker Boxes. Before its introduction, it took a long while to carry items between places. The developers added this box in the Minecraft 1.11 Exploration update.

Shulker Boxes
Shulker Boxes

For your information, Shulker box is the infamous 27-slot portable chest.

To craft Shulker boxes, you will need one chest and two shulker shells. Not like chests, these boxes do not drop items on breaking. You can bring 1728 items maximum in a single shulker box which makes it a must-have in the game.

9. Emerald

Why does Emerald belong to the top 10 most useful blocks in Minecraft? Players can use it to store and transport emerald ores. Also, using it for decoration and creating beacons is a good option thanks to its bright green color.

8. Diamond

The iconic Diamond can be found from Y= -16 down to Bedrock, in Chests through Treasure Maps, or hidden in Ancient Cities. You can even steal it from Bastions in the Nether.

Diamond Height Minecraft
Diamond blocks.

The reason why Diamond is one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft? You can use them for many late-game essentials like:

You can also make use of this block in conjunction with Smithing Templates to adorn your outfit, crafting a Jukebox or an Enchanting Table.

7. Obsidian

Do you know that you can use Obsidian blocks to create a Nether Portal which is the most useful design to build in the game? Much stronger than diamonds, they also come in handy when you need an enchantment table.

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6. Ender Chest

In this title, every ender chest is inter-connected. You can place your items in it and access them from any random ender chest. Also, this ender chest owns 27 storage slots.

Ender Chest
How to make an Ender Chest

To craft an Ender chest, you need one eye of Ender and eight obsidian. You can also make use of shulker boxes in the ender chest to carry 46656 items anywhere.

5. Slime

Slime blocks do not naturally generate. You have to collect nine slimeballs to get one slime block.

With this block, you can make some leads, sticking pistons, and magma cream. Thanks to their slippery nature, they can slow down mobs. You can also prevent death from the height as slimes can bounce you back up. That's why building a Slime farm will help you big time!

4. Beacon

Another one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft is Beacon. Using it, you can benefit from helpful effects like Regeneration, Haste I, Strength I, Speed I, Resistance, and Jump Boost.

Beacon boxes in Minecraft

To make a beacon, gamers need to beat the wither boss. Players will obtain a nether star after defeating the wither. With this nether star, five glass, and three obsidian, you can craft a beacon.

For the unknown, this block is well-known for its haste impact. With haste and Efficiency V, you can immediately every kind of stone block.

3. Furnace

Furnaces are of the minority of blocks crafted by users in the early days. They are essential for smelting ores, cooking food, along other Minecraft items. Undoubtedly, it is among the most useful blocks in Minecraft, confirmed by!

A furnace box in Minecraft

The making of nether bricks, smooth stone, glass-making, and other items all need a furnace to be completed. To create a furnace, you will need eight cobblestones.

It is also used for making smokers and blast furnaces.

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2. Wood

One of the toppers of this list is Wood. Players can use this to make sticks, crafting tables, and planks which are vital elements to make weapons and tools among others.

Wood is the element that is needed in every Minecraft game.

In the new world, cutting down a tree is the first and foremost thing most gamers do. Moreover, it is one of the first rules when it comes to speedrunning. Indeed, wood blocks are the best blocks to build a house with in Minecraft.

1. Redstone

Redstone Minecraft
You can't live in Minecraft without Redstone.

Redstone is an item that mirrors the technology of the real world. You can build devices and contraptions within the world of Minecraft using basic Redstone and also all of the items that you can craft from it. Redstone functions like the real world's technology. You can't build mostly modern designs in Minecraft without them, such as:

Redstone is one of the most useful items in the game because of all the ways you can use it. Redstone is found underground, and although it's not the rarest ore, it's still considered valuable to crafters that happen to find it.

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