Piston doors have been around in Minecraft for a long time. Thanks to the power of red stone, players can make tons of cool piston doors designs for their secret base in Minecraft. These piston doors can be super simple or be super complicated, depending on what you prefer.

In this article, we will show you how to make a piston door in Minecraft. This is a Minecraft double piston door design. It is simple to build, compact, and suitable for most uses.

Piston Door In Minecraft
Piston doors in Minecraft can be super simple or be super complicated.

1. Required materials to build a piston door in Minecraft

  • Redstone dust
  • 4 sticky pistons
  • 2 Redstone torches
  • 4 pressure plates
  • A lot of building blocks

How to make a piston in Minecraft

To make a piston in Minecraft, you need 3 wood planks, 4 cobblestones, 1 iron ingot, and 1 red stone.

Open the crafting table, put 3 wood planks on the top row, put 4 cobblestones on the left and right columns. Put the iron ingot in the center slot and the red stone in the remaining slot.

The pattern should be exactly the same as the image below, then you will have a piston crafted.

How To Make A Piston In Minecraft
Crafting recipe to make a piston in Minecraft

How to make a sticky piston in Minecraft

You need 1 piston and 1 slimeball to make a sticky piston. You need to put the piston in the center slot and the slimeball directly above it on the crafting table.

You can refer to how to make slimeballs here if you don't know how to do it.

How To Make A Sticky Piston In Minecraft
Add a slimeball to a pistol to make a sticky piston in Minecraft.

2. How to make a piston door in Minecraft

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide to build a 2x2 automatic piston door in Minecraft with pressure plates. This is one of the simplest and most popular piston door designs in Minecraft. While this piston door design is nothing compared to other complicated designs, it is very compact and even a new player can make this door easily.

When you step into a pressure plate, they will trigger the pistons and cause the door to open or close thanks to the red stones underneath. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a working piston door in Minecraft.

Step 1: Dig a hole

Dig a 2x3 hole and then expand the middle part of the hole on both sides by 2 blocks. The hole should look like a fat "+" sign when looking from the top. Also, it needs to be 2 blocks deep. This is where we put our mechanism for the door.

How To Make A Piston In Minecraft 1
Digging a hole to set up for the piston door.

Step 2: Put the Redstone in

Fill out the bottom part of the hole with Redstone. After that, expand each side by 1 block and then put a Redstone torch there. These 2 Redstone torches is used to power the Redstone you just put down.

How To Make A Piston Door In Minecraft
Dig an extra hole on each side of the initial hole and put a Redstone torch in it.

Step 3: Cover the hole

Take out your building blocks (stone, wood, whatever). First, put 2 blocks on top of the 2 Redstone torches and put a Redstone on top of each of them. After that, use your building blocks to completely cover up the hole.

How To Make A Piston Door In Minecraft 1
Cover up the hole as well as the Redstone torch with your building blocks.

Step 4: Add pistons and the door

Now add 2 sticky pistons on top of each other to each side, next to the 2 high blocks with Redstones. Also, fill up the space between the 2 pistons with building blocks. That will be your door.

How To Make A Piston Door In Minecraft 2
Putting up the pistols and filling the space in between to make a door.

Step 5: Add triggers

Most of your door is basically done now, but you won't be able to open/ close it yet. You will need to add some kinds of triggers. There are multiple options in Minecraft for you to choose from such as a button, a level,... In this design, we are going to use pressure plates.

How To Make A Piston Door In Minecraft 3
Add pressure plates in front of and behind the door to trigger the pistols.

You are going to place these 4 pressure plates right in front of the door as well as behind the door. This way, when you try to walk through, the door will open/ close automatically without having to do anything.

Step 6: Disguise your door and the triggers

Now, you have built a working piston door for your base. However, there is still a little more work to do. You need to give it a little bit of retouch to hide the red stones, the piston and make it look nicer.

If you don't want other players to find your Minecraft secret base, you can add some dirt, or grass to it so it blends with your surrounding.

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