Horses are one of the best rideable mobs in Minecraft. They allow players to explore the world around them much faster. In this article, we are going to showcase how to get the fastest horse in Minecraft, with or without using commands or mods. Riding the fastest horse is definitely the best way to travel in a Minecraft world.

Minecraft Horse
Horses are a very important method of travel in Minecraft.

1. What is the fastest horse in Minecraft?

There are 35 different types of horses in Minecraft, however, they are all variants of brown, black, white and gray. The horse stats are unique, with each having its own health, speed and jumping height.

Briefly, there is no exact fastest horse in the game as Minecraft horse stats are completely random. Also, to check a horse's stat to decide how fast it is, you have to do the process manually. Below is how to test a Minecraft horse stats and its maximum speed.

Firstly, place a row of blocks to check the horse's speed. A horse's maximum speed is 14.23 blocks a second, and the average horse speed is about 9 blocks a second.

This is much faster than the speed a player can move, which is about 6 blocks a second while sprinting. Furthermore, horses do not consume the hunger bar, unlike sprinting.

How to test horse speed

Minecraft Average Horse Speed
How to test the speed of a horse in Minecraft.

Afterward, create a 5-blocks-high pillar to check how high your horse can jump.

A horse can jump anywhere from one to five blocks. To jump on your horse, you need to tap or hold the space bar. The longer you charge the bar, the higher your jump will be.

Minecraft Jump Height
How to test jump height of a horse in Minecraft.

Finally, check how many hearts your horse has.

A horse can have anywhere between 15 and 30 hearts, with an average of 22.5 hearts. They also have reduced fall damage.

Minecraft Horse Health
Minecraft horse health is displayed in place of the hunger bar.

Now when you can check the stats of horses to find the fastest one among them, you can apply fastest horse in Minecraft command or use mod to make it yours immediately. In case you want to create the fastest horse by yourself, here's how to do it without commands or mods.

2. How to get the fastest horse in Minecraft without mods

To get the fastest horse in Minecraft without cheating or using mods, players will need to breed a lot of them. Below is a step by step guide on creating the fastest horse:

Step 1: Tame wild horses

Firstly, the player needs to locate wild horses. They usually spawn in savannas and plains in herds of 2-6 and generate in stables and animal pens inside villages.

Minecraft Horses
A horse and its foal.

Afterward, try to mount the horse by pressing use on it with an empty hand. Repeat the process until the horse is tamed.

All horses have a "temper" stat that increases every time a player tries to mount them. When it reaches 100, the horse becomes tamed. This stat can also be increased manually by feeding the horse. Put a saddle on to ride the Minecraft horse after it is tamed.

Step 2: Pick the strongest horses

Once you get several tamed horses, you need to check their stats to decide which ones have the highest speed, health and jump. Successfully selecting strongest horses could help to create the fastest horse in your Minecraft world.

To know how to check Minecraft horse stats, please refer to our first section of what is the fastest horse in Minecraft.

Step 3: Breed the horses with Splash potion of Swiftness

When a horse is generated in the world, its stats are assigned randomly in the range listed above. They can't be changed and can only be temporarily altered with speed buffs.

This means to get a faster horse, you will need to breed two strong horses together while having the buff to create a completely new horse.

Minecraft How To Breed Horses
Breeding horses with potions.

Get 2 of your best horses and feed them Golden Carrots or Golden Apples to trigger their "love mode", with hearts bubbling up from their heads.

Afterward, players need to throw a splash potion of swiftness at the horses. Try to hit both horses with one potion to maximize efficiency. This would result in the foal inheriting the extra speed from the potion.

Step 4: Repeat the process

The best part about this glitch is that it is stackable. The player can now use another potion of swiftness on the offspring and another horse. Do it over and over again to create a faster horse.

3. Fastest horse in Minecraft command

If you don't want to breed a horse the normal way and prefer getting a fast horse as soon as possible, using one of the below commands might be a good idea. With these fastest horse in Minecraft commands, you can set horse speed to anything you want.

summoning commands in Minecraft
The summoning commands in Minecraft are fairly long and complicated.

Here is the code for a great horse that's better than average but not too fast.

/summon minecraft:horse ~ ~ ~ {Variant:515,SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1},Tame:1,Health:100,Glowing:1,PersistenceRequired:1,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.armor",Base:100.0F},{Name:"generic.movement_speed",Base:7.0F},{Name:"horse.jump_strength",Base:1.5F},{Name:"generic.armor_toughness",Base:20.0F},{Name:"generic.follow_range",Base:85.0F},{Name:"generic.max_health",Base:100F}]}

A super horse that's immortal. It is super fast, can jump really high, and spawn pre-equipped with Diamond horse armor.

/summon horse ~ ~1 ~ {SaddleItem:{id:"minecraft:saddle",Count:1b},Variant:0,ArmorItem:{id:"minecraft:diamond_horse_armor",Count:1b},Tame:1,Attributes:[{Name:generic.maxHealth,Base:9999},{Name:generic.movementSpeed,Base:0.4},{Name:generic.followRange,Base:40},{Name:generic.knockbackResistance,Base:1.0},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30}],Invulnerable:1,Health:9999.0f,ActiveEffects:[{Id:8,Amplifier:5,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:10,Amplifier:255,Duration:199980,ShowParticles:0b}]}

Give yourself a horse spawn egg for a super horse.

/give @p horse_spawn_egg{Unbreakable:1,HideFlags:25,CanDestroy:[missingno],CanPlaceOn:[missingno],Enchantments:[{id:vanishing_curse,lvl:1}],EntityTag:{Invulnerable:1,CustomNameVisible:1,PersistenceRequired:1,Health:1024,Variant:,Bred:1,Tame:1,Temper:100,Attributes:[{Name:generic.max_health,Base:1024},{Name:generic.follow_range,Base:2048},{Name:generic.knockback_resistance,Base:1},{Name:generic.movement_speed,Base:1},{Name:generic.armor,Base:30},{Name:generic.armor_toughness,Base:20},{Name:horse.jump_strength,Base:2}],SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1},ArmorItem:{id:diamond_horse_armor,Count:1}}} 64
0/1/2/3/4/5/6/256/257/258/259/260/261/262/512/513/514/515/516/517/518/768/769/770/771/772/773/774/1024/1025/1026/1027/1028/1029/1030 for

4. Minecraft mods for the fastest horse

If you want to get a fast horse without using commands or breeding, installing mods is probably the easiest thing to do. Below are the two best mods for fast horses:

Horse Modifiers

The Horse Modifiers mod outright allows you to tinker with the horses' stats. By feeding them special carrots, players can get the fastest horse in the game.

Horse Modifiers Mod For Minecraft
Horse Modifiers mod is the perfect middle ground between commands and breeding.

mcMMO Horses

This is a plugin that gives horses in Minecraft new abilities. You can now claim, name, summon and level them up. There are four types of stat:  agility (dodges more attacks), swiftness (increases the speed), vitality (increases the health) and wrath (disables damage and increases speed).

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