Slimeballs in Minecraft can be used for different purposes, hence they are considered a moderately essential item that players need to have.

For those unknown, slimeballs are the mob drop which can only be found via specific methods. They will then be used to craft several items and tools you can use in the game.

Here’s a useful guide on how to get Slimeballs in Minecraft.

Slimeball Minecraft
Slimeballs are a rare item that can only be farmed with certain methods.

How to get Slimeballs in Minecraft

Minecraft Slimeballs are uncommon items that cannot be looted from chests. Instead, you can get them from these mobs: Wandering Traders, Pandas, and Slimes.

1. Wandering Traders

These randomly generated mobs usually trade with the player and have some very great trade options. You have a chance of getting Slimeballs after trading 4 Emeralds with them.

Wandering Trader Minecraft
However, it may be unfair for players as Emeralds’ rarity in Minecraft is unparalleled.

2. Slimes

To get Slimeballs from Slimes, you can find this small bouncy mob naturally spawning in caves and in swamps. When killed, a giant Slime will be split into two smaller counterparts.

Each Slime has a chance of dropping 0 to 2 Slimeballs upon death. This is the easiest and most efficient method when it comes to how to get Slimeballs in Minecraft.

Killing these rare "slime chunks" will help you collect slimeballs.

3. Pandas

Another mob that gives players Slimeballs is the Minecraft panda. It is a rare mob usually found in the Bamboo forest biomes.

Meanwhile, they only have a 0.0014% chance of dropping a Slimeball when sneezing. Among all panda variants, Weak Pandas have a higher chance to drop Slimeball as they sneeze a lot. The chance remains very rare although you can depend on 7 types of Panda in the game.

To increase the chance of getting Slimeballs with this method, you may want to breed pandas to get more drops.

Uses of Slimeballs in Minecraft

Apart from how to get Slimeballs in Minecraft, players should also learn how to make the most out of this material.

1. Fire resistance potions

A fire-resistance potion can negate damage from all sorts of fire like flame, fire aspect, and lava. You cannot make this potion without the help of Slimeballs.

You need to add blaze powder to slimeballs to create magma cream which will be used on Awkward potions to make Fire resistance potions.

2. Magma blocks

As aforementioned, magma cream can be crafted using blaze powder and slimeballs. Afterward, players can use magma cream to make Minecraft magma blocks.

Magma Block
Magma blocks in Minecraft

3.  Slime blocks

Slime blocks have a special function: sticking to blocks. You can create a slew of slime blocks, each of which requires 9 slimeballs.

4. Lead

The player can leash mobs with a lead and move them to a certain place. You can craft a lead with a slimeball and four strings.

Minecraft Lead
Use slimeballs to make a lead and move your mons anywhere you want.

5. Sticky pistons

What makes sticky pistons different from common pistons is that they can also pull blocks. You can make the pistons sticky by adding slimeballs to the recipe.

Place slimeballs and regular pistons on the crafting table and you will have sticky pistons in your hand.

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