Minecraft Mundane potion is one of many potions that have essential uses for the brewing process. This game allows players to craft potions and use them. Check out this full guide on how to craft and use Mundane potion here. You can make the game easier and more interesting with this special potion.

Brewing Stand
You need the Brewing Stand to brew many potions in Minecraft, including the Mundane potion.

I. Mundane Potion Uses

What does a Mundane potion do? It's hard to point out the real purpose of this potion in Minecraft because players need it to brew many Minecraft potions.

Basically, the mundane potion is an important ingredient to brew the Potion of Weakness that is essential in this game. You can use the potion of weakness to cure zombied villagers.

The potion of weakness is very useful in this game because you can reduce the damage of players' attacks for a minute and a half. As Minecraft players cannot use this potion on themselves, many of them still underestimate this potion or have not known how to craft the Minecraft Mundane potion. This guide will show you how to brew Mundane potion in Minecraft.

Use Mundane Potion
Use the Mundane potion to brew other important potions in this game, such as the potion of weakness.

II. Mundane Potion Recipes

The recipe of the Minecraft Mundane potion is pretty complicated. You need to collect six materials to brew this potion in this game. Then, brew this potion to use in the crafting recipes of other potions.

Not All Materials Are Ready In The Homeworld
Not all materials are available to collect in the homeworld.

1. Materials For Mundane Potion

Here are six ingredients to make the Mundane potion in Minecraft and how to get them. Go to different locations or use different methods to gather enough materials for this

Materials Where to get it?
Glistering Melon From loot chests, crafting, and trading.
Spider Eyes Kill Spiders to get their eyes, or kill Witches for drops, or get from loot chests.
Magma Cream From Magma cubes or crafting.
Sugar Blaze Powder
Craft by using Blaze Rods. Get Blaze Rods by killing Blazes.
Ghast Powder Mine in many locations, including Divan's Gateway, Rampart's Quarry, Cliffside Veins, and Forge Basin.
Redstone Dust Go to Overworld to find and break Redstone Blocks. Redstone spawns underground in the Overworld.
Collect Materials
You need to explore the homeworld and Overworld to collect materials for this special potion.

Most ingredients can be collected and crafted in the homeworld but some of them only spawn in the Overworld. Besides, you should open all chests you find when exploring nethers and villages to loot materials.

2. How To Brew Mundane Potion In Minecraft

After collecting enough materials, you need to follow some steps to brew the Mundane potion in Minecraft.

  • Build a crafting table from four planks. It's necessary for all potion recipes in Minecraft.
  • Place the crafting table in your house and place three glass bottles on the table.
  • Fill these bottles with water.
Have A Crafting Table
Minecraft players need to have a crafting table to place the Brewing Stand on it and craft potions.
  • Make a Brewing Stand by placing a Blaze Rod and three cobblestones on the table. You can brew both Mundane and Thick potions in the Brewing Stand.
  • Put the Blaze Powder and a water bottle in the crafted Brewing Stand.
  • Add Mundane potion materials you have collected to the Brewing Stand interface.
  • Wait until the process is done to get the potion.

After the production is completed, you get the potion and keep it in the inventory. If you have the problem of the Mundane potion not working, you may have made mistakes when crafting it, or your Brewing Stand does not work.

Brewing Recipe
Put all necessary brewing materials in the Brewing Stand and wait until the potion is ready.

3. How To Make A Long Mundane Potion In Minecraft

If you want to make a long Mundane potion, you need to brew a normal Mundane potion first. After having a working Mundane potion in Minecraft, you can craft the long Mundane potion.

  • Brew a Mundane Splash potion by placing the gunpowder and a Mundane potion in the Brewing Stand.
  • Collect the Mundane Splash potion.
  • Remove remaining gunpowder from the Brewing Stand.
  • Put both the Dragon’s Breath and Mundane Splash potion in the Brewing Stand.
  • Craft a long Mundane potion and wait until the process is done.

When the potion is ready after the brewing process, you can collect it and keep it in the inventory. It's important to follow these steps in the right order to get the working potion.

Those are all you need to know about Minecraft Mundane potion and how to craft it as well as other versions of this potion. Don't forget to pick up its materials while exploring the homeworld and Overworld in Minecraft.

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