If you have entered a village in Minecraft before, you may have seen how neat it is. There are homes for every villager and each house has its own farms, decorations, Iron Golems, and more. Most importantly, there is usually a bell near the centre of the village.

Many players want to know how to make a bell in Minecraft and add it to their base. The item is not just for decorative purposes but instead can be a sidekick in some cases.

Minecraft Bell
A bell will help villagers avoid threats occurring in their village.

1. Bell Minecraft uses

The bell symbolizes the gathering location of a village. You can ring it to make the Villagers run to your house. If a raid happens and the bell is rung, it makes the impromptu alarm that urges villagers to flee and hide in their houses until the threat has utterly disappeared.

Even when the villagers are asleep, the sound of a Minecraft bell will automatically wake them up.

It is essential to have bells in Minecraft. In fact, it’s quite odd that bells are actually functional in the game.

2. How to make a bell in Minecraft Survival mode

Although Minecraft is all about crafting materials from scratch, there is a surprising list of things that cannot be created manually in the game. Bells, sadly, are one of those.

No Bell Recipe
Currently, there is no recipe to craft a bell in Minecraft.

You cannot use any recipe to make a bell in Minecraft, but it is not hard to obtain either. There are four techniques to help you get a bell. And while several players may use the help of mods to get what they want, our methods will also show you how to make a doorbell in Minecraft no mods.

In Minecraft survival mode, you have to be in a village as it is the only spot where you can acquire a bell. And there are two methods you can take on: steal the bell or trade with a villager.

Steal the main bell

The first is to get the village’s main bell. It is best to use a pickaxe to collect the bell from a village in order to prevent it from being destroyed. Although it is cold-hearted to take it from the village as it helps the villagers immensely, just do it if you really want it.

Village Bell
Straight up take the bell of a village if you really want to have it.

Trade with villagers

The second way to do requires players to trade with another villager. The only villager that will sell you a bell will be the weaponsmith.

A weaponsmith, however, cannot sell bells to you right from the start. You must level the weaponsmith with prior trades till they get to master level. To enable this rank, keep trading with them until they earn enough EXP to level up.

Players can do this by buying weapon items or selling weapon-related units to them, provided you own enough emeralds to afford the purchases. Only then the weaponsmith will have a high chance to sell a bell at the cost of 36 diamonds.

Bell Minecraft Cost
How to make a doorbell in Minecraft no mods? Trading with a Weapon Smith will be one of the solutions.

3. How to make a bell in Minecraft Creative mode

As you reach the end of the instruction, the difficulty of collecting a bell will belong to the past.

In case you are playing creative mode or just aspire to get a bell via more gamey ways, you can summon it via a console command. It is available for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, 1.17 and 1.17.1

The correct “give” command will be as: /give @p bell 1

Trade With Villagers For Bell
Use Give command to make a bell: "/give @p bell 1"

Make sure you have activated the command keyboard in the game before you use these commands to create a bell.

4. How to make a working doorbell in Minecraft

Using redstone will be able to create a working bell in Minecraft. A bell Minecraft redstone is placed on the wall close to the house door and can give different sounds from different blocks.

  • Make a small house exterior by putting up spruce walls and an iron door at the front like the below image.
  • Craft another spruce wall on the right side and use a redstone lamp on it.
  • Add a birch button on this lamp and put four wool blocks at the back of the lamp.
  • Add redstone dust on the first one.
  • Then, Add one Redstone repeater and two Note blocks. Set the repeater to cap delay.
  • Press the birch button on the lamp to ring the bell. Press on the birch button on the lamp to have the bell rung.

If it does not sound good, try gold blocks instead of wool blocks to change the sounds they give off. Check the video below for more details.

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