A spawn egg is an item used to spawn mobs directly in Minecraft. Spawn eggs are useful for all kinds of activities, but most players just use them to create farms.  In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the Spawn Egg, including how to obtain and use it.

1. How to get spawn eggs in Minecraft

Spawn eggs are special items that can only be acquired normally in Creative mode. Just press the pick block button on an existing mob to obtain their respective egg. In other modes, players need to use commands.

Minecraft Spawn Eggs Chart
Minecraft Spawn Eggs Appearance list

Players can also spawn them using the Creative inventory. There are 64 eggs in Java Edition and 66 eggs in Bedrock Edition. To give yourself spawn eggs, just use the following code format /give @p  (item name) [amount: int]

The item names of spawn eggs are in this format: item.minecraft.(name)_spawn_egg, just replace the (name) with the name of the mob you want. For example, if you want to get an 1 axolotl spawn egg, the code would be /give @p item.minecraft.axolotl_spawn_egg 1

2. How to use spawn eggs in Minecraft

Just press use on any surface with the egg to spawn the mob in Minecraft. The surfaces of blocks are prioritized for spawning - players can even spawn mobs in water in no ground blocks are within reach.

Players can create baby mobs by using a spawn egg on the type of mob it spawns. For example, using a sheep spawn egg on a sheep makes a baby sheep with the same wool color.‌ This only works on Java version.

Players can also use spawn eggs on spawners to change the mob they spawn. In Bedrock, players need to put the spawner in water for a fish spawn egg to work on them.

Minecraft Spawn Eggs
Minecraft Spawn Eggs can create mobs anywhere, anytime, even outside of the realm the mob usually spawn in.

Spawn eggs in Minecraft are very useful when it comes to breeding parrots or similar animals who don't have their baby forms in the game.

3. Spawn eggs renaming and secrets

Players can rename a spawn egg using an anvil. Afterward, when used, the spawn egg creates a mob with that name appearing over its head. This mechanic can actually unlock a few secrets and easter eggs:

  • If the player renames a vindicator "Johnny" causes it to act hostile to all mobs except for other illagers.
  • If the player renames a rabbit spawn egg "Toast", the secret skin of the rabbit appears when the egg is used.
  • If the player renames a Sheep "jeb_" makes the sheep change colors (in a rainbow loop).
  • Naming a spawn egg "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" causes the mob to appear upside down and show the given name above it.
spawner + spawn eggs
Players can create a spawner of literally all mobs in the game using a spawn egg.

Renaming a mob using a spawn egg does not prevent it from despawning. Players would still need to use a name tag if they want to prevent this from happening.

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