Minecraft Dungeons are threatening spaces that are generated naturally underground and over the ground structure in some cases. Monsters in these places are hostile to players and will attack or even kill them if not being cautious enough.

In fact, the monsters are spawned from a Spawner. Spawners are the block that can generate monsters and they look like cages with a miniature monster inside. The mob that spins in the spawner shows which mob can spawn through it. While spawners can be found in diverse structures in every Minecraft world, here are all Minecraft Spawner locations and what they do.

Minecraft Spawner
What do Minecraft spawners do and where can you find them? Take a look below.

What Minecraft Spawners do

Spawners in Minecraft are cage-like blocks which have a little miniature mob and spawns the same mob periodically. It does not acquire low levels of light for monsters to spawn.

Each Spawner spawns monsters in a range of 16 blocks around it. It also attempts to generate 4 of the mob at a time. While the spawn cooldown varies from 10 to approximately 39 seconds, they activate and start spawning mobs when you approach.

On another hand, a player can deactivate the spawners by putting a Torch on their exposed sides or cover them with solid blocks to halt monsters from spawning.

Spawner In Minecraft
Basically, Minecraft Spawners generate will spawn whichever mob whose miniature version is inside them.

Minecraft Spawner locations

Spawners usually generate in specific spots across the world and cannot be acquired by breaking. Here are all the places where you can find spawners spawning in Minecraft:

  • Woodland Mansions
  • Dungeons: These rooms would have a spawner with 1-2 chests. The spawner here can be a skeleton, spider, or zombie spawner.
  • Abandoned mineshafts: Mineshafts in Minecraft are tunnel-looking structures that have mazes. You can find them underwater or underground. These certain tunnels have visible mineral ores, cave spiders, and chests spawners.
  • Nether Fortresses: You can refer to the detailed guide of how to find Nether fortresses in Minecraft in every biome’s nether realm.
  • Strongholds: One of the Minecraft Spawners locations is Strongholds. These overworld structures have multiple rooms. One of them is the portal room where you can go to find a spawner.
  • Bastion Remnants: Bastion Remnants feature rooms with gold blocks and a magma spawner in the central of its bottom.

Types of monsters from Spawners

Apart from the locations for Minecraft Spawners, below are the monsters that can spawn from a Spawner:

  • Silverfish (found in Strongholds)
  • Cave Spiders (acquired in Mineshafts)
  • Spider (found in Dungeons)
  • Zombies (discovered in Dungeons)
  • Skeletons (collected in Dungeons)
  • Blazes (found in Nether Fortresses)
  • Magma Cubes (garnered in Bastion Remnants)
Spider Spawner
You can find different spawners with different generated mobs.

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