If you're looking for a unique building block in Minecraft, try terracotta. It's a flexible material. You can glaze it to change its pattern. Though you can actually craft terracotta by baking clay blocks in a furnace, finding where it naturally generates sounds more like an adventure.

Here's where you will find terracotta in great abundance in Minecraft!

Terracotta Minecraft
Terracotta is really the most colorful building block in Minecraft.

What Is Terracotta?

As per its definition, terracotta is just another building block in Minecraft. While it may seem like other blocks that also come straight from the ground, terracotta still possesses some unique qualities. Although terracotta is not the best building material in Minecraft, it's the only building material that can change the appearance with dyes or by smelting.

You can gather the resources and craft terracotta in Minecraft on your own, but it will take a while. Instead, why not mine it straight from nature? Terracotta will naturally spawn in certain locations in your Minecraft world. In fact, there's even an entire biome full of it.

Terracotta Minecraft Pink
Don't waste your time smelting clay for anything.

You don't want to sit around forming and smelting clay blocks for terracotta all day long. It takes way too long. So, to save yourself the trouble, go and mine some instead!

How To Find Terracotta In Minecraft?

One of the greatest sources in all of Minecraft for naturally spawned terracotta is the Badlands biome, or formerly known as the Mesa biome. This biome is literally a huge deposit of terracotta.

More interestingly, players may even find terracotta in different colors in these biomes. That will save you some dyes down the line if you want to color the terracotta blocks. However, find the Badlands biomes should take a while. If you're going on an excursion, remember to pack some food. Refer to our guide on how to find any biomes in Minecraft to save your time.

Once you've located the Badlands biomes, the next thing to do is find and mine the terracotta.

Terracotta Minecraft Decor
Incorporate terracotta into your decorating!

Another few places to look for terracotta are Plains and Desert villages. There's a chance that the villagers here use uncolored terracotta to build their houses. In Desert villages, you may even find terracotta blocks in the gathering areas and lamp posts.

Some of Minecraft's naturally generated structures can also contain terracotta. Desert pyramids and undersea ruin structures are where you want to go.

Terracotta Minecraft Steve
The Badlands biomes may be hard to find, but keep on going with your journey!

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