Minecraft is among the most popular games across the globe for a reason. It gives players from all walks of life endless moments of entertainment and that we cannot deny. With this game, you can live a living reality while also discovering worlds in survival or craft the most unexpecting things you can come up with.

What gamers do is totally up to them. Meanwhile, those who are keen on building nice things would want some terracotta for their work. What is it and how to make a Terracotta in Minecraft? Let’s see all below.

Terracotta In Minecraft
How to make a Terracotta in Minecraft? We've got you covered.

About Terracotta in Minecraft

Terracotta is a brick in Minecraft that can be made in various colors. It brings about real visual enhancement to buildings in the game. You can construct them with clay or look for them in different biomes.

For the unknown, the badland biome can include orange, red, brown, yellow, gray, and white terracotta. Meanwhile, underwater ruins are where you may see white light blue ones. Savanna villages are the places you can sometimes find orange, yellow, and red terracotta.

However, constructing them would be a more time-efficient method. Let’s dig into how to make a Terracotta in Minecraft below.

How To Make A Terracotta In Minecraft

Making Terracotta

Apart from finding terracotta in biomes, players can make it with clay. Here’s how players can do it:

  • Place the Clay on a furnace along with some fuel like coal.
  • The Clay will become terracotta after being cooked.
Making Terracotta
Crafting a Terracotta.

Clay is a regular block that can be found in rivers, swamps, and shallow waters.

It can also be dug up unless you have got a Silk Touch enchanted shovel.  If you don’t, dig up the clay and put four pieces of them into a 2x2 grid in the crafting menu. You will have a block of clay then.


Meanwhile, you may dye terracotta to make blocks with various hues. If you are wondering how to do it, just put eight blocks of terracotta in the crafting table with the middlebox having the kind of dye you want. Just one dye is needed to alter all terracotta blocks’ colors. It will soon become one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft as well as the most beautiful ones with all the customization choices.

Terracotta Dying
Dying the blocks with various colors.

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Also, it is of possibility to glaze this block to make one of the sixteen special blocks. While the glaze kind depends on the original color of that block, a plain one can’t be glazed. It is simple to glaze a terracotta block as it just has to be put in the furnace again after being dyed.

Those who want to explore diverse build possibilities and extend their skills in making impressive and massive houses in the game will find terracotta extremely rewarding. Their various colors and glaze designs add a whole another level of aesthetics to any building in which they are used.

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