Minecraft has a lot of convenient and useful blocks and one of them is the stonecutter. It will save you hours of time as it features an extremely crafting menu.

Moreover, stonecutters will let you skip the recurring recipes for specific blocks like Chiseled Blocks, one of the items that need many steps to make.

So what are the best uses of stonecutters in Minecraft? Let’s find out with us below.

Minecraft Stonecutter
Check out top 5 best uses of stonecutters in Minecraft.

1. Copper stonecutting

Many players would be happy to learn that they can totally use a stonecutter to manipulate copper in the forthcoming Caves and Cliffs update.

In detail, they can use the block to turn waxed and regular copper blocks into their own cut versions.

Copper Minecraft
You can use the stonecutter to desihn copper in your own way.

2. Polished Blocks

One of the best uses of stonecutters in Minecraft is it can make various cut, polished, and chiseled blocks.

From a normal block, you can convert them into any of the mentioned blocks with the help of a stone cutter.

Polished Blocks
Polished and non-polished versions of Diorite, Andesite, and Granite.

3. Slabs

In the meantime, the stonecutter is also a useful tool that can instantly turn diverse blocks right into slabs.

Slabs in Minecraft.

Instead of needing numerous blocks to make a slab, players can craft slabs with just one block using the stonecutter. This is definitely convenient in multiple situations.

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4. Stairs

A lot of blocks can directly convert to stairs with stonecutters. In case you want a more certain number of stairs, you can transform a block into a chair.


It is considered one of the best uses of stonecutters in Minecraft as the method is much more efficient than crafting counterpart because it offers six stairs from 6 blocks instead of 4.

5. Mason Village Job Block

Another use that makes stonecutter block a must-try in Minecraft is that it can work as a Mason Villager job site. Any unemployed villager can turn into a Mason when they stand right next to stonecutter.

Mason Village Job Block
Mason Villagers

A Mason that has already converted will move to the direction of the stonecutter to carry out their daily duties.

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