A few days ago, Mojang dropped an unexpected announcement about a new Minecraft DLC revolving around the popular Dream Works franchise: "How To Train Your Dragon." The best part is that if you want to check it out, the DLC has already gone online!

Players can purchase the "How To Train Your Dragon" DLC for 1,340 mine coins on the Minecraft Marketplace.

How To Train Your Dragon Dlc
New Minecraft DLC is out now!

With this new DLC, players no longer need to seek for how to hatch a dragon egg and tame it in desperation. So, what are there to know about this new Minecraft DLC?

About Minecraft's "How To Train Your Dragon" DLC

This Downloadable Content pack will transform the world of Minecraft as you know it into Berk, the famous Viking Village with lots of dragons. It comes with new locations and familiar characters from the movies. Players can indulge in quests, collect items, and, of course, train their dragons.

Join the adventure with Hiccup, Astrid, and Stoick to discover the world of the famous franchise. Also, you're in charge of the whole exploration. There are different islands in this Minecraft DLC that players can choose to visit either by flying or on foot.

How To Train Your Dragon Dlc Pics
Live the life on Berk with dragons.

Moreover, there's a battle feature as well. Players can also plan attacks on nearby ships to free the dragons on board, just like in the movies!

So, for just 1,340 mine coins, you can experience life on Berk with the "How To Train Your Dragon" DLC in Minecraft.

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How to Download "How To Train Your Dragon" DLC in Minecraft?

To download and play this DLC in Minecraft, you will need to own the latest version of the Minecraft launcher. Open the launcher, and head to the Marketplace. There you will find a big banner of the "How To Train Your Dragon" DLC, it's kind of hard to miss.

Dlc Dragons Minecraft
Train your own dragons!

From there, just pay the mine coins, download the game, and enjoy. Also, the DLC only weighs about 49MB, so there would not be much of a storage problem.

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