When it comes to Minecraft YouTubers, Technoblade is arguably one of the biggest. He started his YouTube content with the Hypixel, then joined the famous Dream SMP, Technoblade Minecraft has built up a massive fan base.

Techno Blade
Technoblade owns a massive YouTube channel.

The streamer makes a name for himself with clever tactics, a witty sense of humor, and an awful lot of strategies in PvP battles. In the Dream SMP, he played an anarchist who helped in overthrowing the government of Manberg.

Let's learn more about this interesting YouTuber!

Who is Technoblade Minecraft?

Being such a big YouTuber as he is, Technoblade never reveals much about his personal life. Hence, we don't even have confirmation on his real name! However, fans of the content creator assume his real name to be "Dave", drawing the conclusion from one of his older videos.

Technoblade Face
The only image we have of him is pretty blurry.

The YouTuber has over 7.3 million subscribers, making it one of the biggest Minecraft channels in the United States. He also has over 400k followers on Twitch, despite having just one "April Fools" stream.

Technoblade's Minecraft Skin

Well, his Minecraft skin is pretty much a pigman wearing a crown jewel. More often than not, you may find him pair the skin with a red robe. This Minecraft skin has been with Technoblade since the beginning, making it one of his unique trademarks.

Technoblade Skin
Technoblade's Minecraft Skin

However, the YouTuber has also gone over quite a number of different skins as well. In the Dream SMP series, he used the pacifist skin. And in the hide-n-seek contest, held by Mr. Beast, he turned to a 2-layer skin to help him sneak under the radar.

Technoblade's Texture Pack

Texture packs are an essential part of Minecraft nowadays. They not only change how the game looks, but some even add more content to the classic sandbox game as well.

Tightfault Revamp
He's running Tightfault Revamp lately

Being a PvP-focused player, Technoblade has won many tournaments, titles, and mini-games involving PvP. You can see that in his choices of texture packs as well. He himself also said that texture packs have profound impacts on the outcome of PvP battles.

So, if you want to be combat efficient like Technoblade Minecraft, here are the texture packs you want to install:

  • Tightfault Revamp
  • War v2
  • TimeDeo's 2k Pack

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